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Credit Risk Management

School Campus Duration Total ECTS
Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences Milan, Italy November 2020 - October 2021 60

CRERIM is the only Specializing Master programme on Credit Risk Management in Italy. It combines quantitative training with a multidisciplinary vision of the credit risk, its management and its measurement. Being a SAS accredited Academic Master programme, it offers the possibility to work in software SAS and prepare for the official examination, and a chance to obtain the internationally valued SAS certificate.

Learning objectives

The main goals of the programme are:

  • Offer in-depth technical-legal training and vision of risk management to other corporate functions
  • Provide a deeper understanding of innovative and specific areas of credit risk management: communication, retail credit risk, governance and influence of cognitive and behavioral distortions in the emergence of credit risk retail
  • Provide a thematic focus on credit risk in the following credit management phases: client acquisition, portfolio management and planning
  • Offer a solid knowledge of computer analytical instruments in order to carry out the operational side of credit risk management
  • Provide an adequate overview of statistical techniques for acquisition strategies, segmentation and propensity of retail clientele
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of relevant Credit Risk software (SAS) enabling students to perform well day-to-day professional activities
The acquired skills will enable participants to carry out credit risk management activities in banks, insurance companies, consultant firms, IT vendors at an international level.

Graduate placement

The placement rate of CRERIM Alumni is above 90% (100% in the last two years). Placement opportunities are also provided by the internship phase offered, over the years, by a wide range of companies such as: Alba Factoring, Banca di Asti, Banca Mediolanum, Banca Popolare di Milano, Banca Sella, Barclays Bank, Be Consulting, BNP Paribas, CheBanca, Cofidis, Consilia Business Management, Crif, Deloitte Consulting, Deutsche Bank, Diner’s, Eurizon Capital, Experian, Farmafactoring, Fiditalia, Generali RE, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, Juno Consulting, McKinsey Company & C., Prometeia, SAS, Unicredit Spa, Unipol Sai.

Stefano Marotta - ING Bank

“Thanks to CRERIM, moreover, I had the opportunity to learn a powerful instrument for data analysis like SAS: the Master  gave me the possibility to attend intensive courses for learning the basics of the software and, at the end, gave me also the chance to get a certification.
This is another great result coming from CRERIM as, throughout the internship experience, I’m realizing that having  SAS programming skills is really appreciated  on the job. In addition, CRERIM provided me the right means to get a first job experience within the banking industry since, at the end of the courses, I started an internship within the Retail Credit Risk team of ING Bank and, what is more, in October I will start a traineeship at the European Central Bank within the Single Supervisory Mechanism.”


Filippo Prazzoli – Systems Engineer, SAS

“CRERIM’s courses enable preparation focused on assimilating some of the key skills required to be a successful Risk Manager. The use of specific statistical techniques and software (SAS) enclose the real benefit of the master. Abilities developed helped starting my career in the credit risk sector”.

Paolo Cantiani - Credit Risk Analyst, UniCredit

“I attended Master CRERIM after graduating in finance and having an internship in BNP Paribas. I deeply appreciated the Master for being pragmatic and job-focused, teaching useful statistical software (SAS) and having teachers from key players in the sector. Shortly after graduation I moved into the Risk Management department in UniCredit Group.“

Claudia Plati - Associate, Unicredit

"CRERIM has been 
the connection between the study of the subject and the working environment: thanks to the class lessons held by professionals, to the SAS course and to the final internship at Prometeia, I got a professional background that one usually achieves after at least 2 years of working experience .“

Francesca Mazzei - Assistant Manager, Financial Risk Management, KPMG

“Attending CRERIM is an enriching experience, both from a professional and a human point of view. I’m referring to the acquisition of practical skills in the risk management field; to the quality
of the Faculty and to their concrete approach to the different events within a company, besides definitely being a privileged access to job placement. “

Federico Arnaboldi - Senior Auditor, Royal Bank of Scotland

“CRERIM has been a fantastic opportunity for me to grow personally and professionally learning a lot thanks to a hands-on approach. After the Master my career had a sudden turning point, allowing me to enter the world of Risk Management, improving my career chances and giving me the opportunity to work for one of the leading European banks.“