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Dual citizenship


Università Cattolica is pleased to introduce the UCSC Dual Citizenship scholarship applicable toward its semester study abroad program. Università Cattolica wishes to encourage students who have Italian together with any other citizenship to experience their Italian heritage by studying at Cattolica for a semester or year.

Students can apply for the scholarship by simply uploading their Italian passport when completing the online application form. Students will need to fulfill all the requirements for the Study Abroad program in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

If accepted on the program, they will automatically obtain a discount on the semester fee. For further information on the scholarship discount rates, please email international.inquirySA@unicatt.it.



Conditions and Requirements

Students who are awarded the scholarship will have to fulfill the following:

  1. Take at least one Italian language course offered at Università Cattolica
  2. Take at least one Italian-taught course of the University Academic Curriculum (a B2 level is required)
  3. Provide a written reflective report on their study abroad experience
  4. Support and take part in Cattolica International activities on campus (i.e. UCSC International Day / Photo Casting Call / Focus Group)