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Cattolica International

Cattolica Extended Semester

For study abroad students only; not available for exchange

The Cattolica Extended Semester is the ideal option for those who would like to combine a virtual semester option with an in-person summer experience. 

How does it work? 

Instead of taking all the 5 courses online during the semester, you can decide to distribute the semester workload according to your availability, interests and academic needs at no extra cost.


The programme includes:

  • up to 5 courses, to choose from:
    • the Italian language course (online)
    • the University Academic Curriculum (online)
    • the International Curriculum (online)
    • the Summer Programmes (in person)

      Read the course details.

      Any combination is possible (with a max of 3 in person courses):
      2 virtual – 3 in person
      3 virtual – 2 in person
      4 virtual – 1 in person
  • Virtual Talent Booster, a special course (25 hours, non-credit bearing) designed to maximize the online learning and develop virtual professional skills