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Data Analytics for Business and Economics

The programme is a track of the Laurea Magistrale in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.
Campus School Duration Total ECTS Title of degree awarded
Milan, Italy Banking, Finance and Insurance | Economics September 2020 - September 2022 120 Laurea magistrale in Statistical and actuarial sciences

The digital revolution is producing an enormous amount of complex data, and companies need graduates with skills in Statistics, Computer science, Business economics and Data mining to able to deal with this data.

The MSc in Data Analytics for Business and Economics prepares its graduates to design and build data-driven systems for decision-making in companies and organizations, through a curriculum that includes cutting-edge tools as well as practical activities conducted by professionals, exposing students to actual analytics problems.

Learning objectives

Knowledge of statistical tools for summarizing and visualizing data. Advanced skills for analyzing big data, finding patterns in data, using modern techniques in computational statistics, statistical learning and data mining. Skills to apply the methodology to business problems, with data-driven solutions.

Strong methodological training (especially in the statistical, probabilistic and computational fields) along with technical know-how in the economic and business world, will allow students to identify effective responses and solutions in the different application contexts.

Graduates will gain methodological knowledge and tools also at an interdisciplinary level that will enable them to fill jobs at high professional levels both in private companies and state or local public institutions; that is to say, in medium and large businesses, banks, insurance companies and welfare institutions. They will carry out analysis and management of human resources, production, and quality. They will analyze and evaluate markets and socio-economic and environmental scenarios and run a statistical analysis of complex phenomena.

The curriculum in Data analytics for business and economics prepares for roles such as: Data Analyst, Big Data Analytics Specialist and Business Analytics Manager.