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Course details

Courses and other activities Credits Hours Semester
Pre-course: Basics in Viticulture, Enology and Plant pathology      
Vineyard variability: traditional and precision approaches 6 47 I
Topics in wine-marketing 6 47 I
Enhancing the wine quality: innovations in monitoring and controls. 6 47 II
Applied grapevine eco-physiology 6 47 II
Advances in enology 9 73 I
Disease and pest management toward a sustainable viticulture 9 73 II
Seminars 0 30 I & II
Total teaching 42 364 I & II
Individuak work   686 I & II
Internship 18 450 II
Total 60 1500  


The internship in a vineyard or a winery is intended to allow the student to have a direct experience of grapevine cultivation, grape production, harvest, wine making, wine stabilisation. The student participates in the different operations working manually but also being part of the decision processes, verifying the criteria of decision in relation to the type of wine to be produced.

According to VENIT regulations the internship will have to last at least 450 hours of activity at a single location. This amount of time will correspond to 18 ECTS. The final degree cannot be released if the internship has not been completed and duly signed by the hosting institution’s tutor.

Possible hosts can be seen on our partner companies paragrph. The host choice is usually the result of an agreement between the Master’s student and respective specific interest, the Master’s Director and the host itself.

All companies listed, beside their prestige, have been screened for their willingness not only to receive students but also to involve the student in different processes for their professional and personal growth.

Notice, 31st August 2020

Università Cattolica regulation does not allow to pay a salary to students during the internship. Though, work remuneration might be left to a private agreement between the student and the host.

Likewise, Università Cattolica will not pay for meals and/or accommodation during the internship. However, as a mean of compensation for the provided labor, the host might offer meals and/or accommodation. 

It is possible that the student can have his/her internship made outside of Italy. In such cases, collaboration by Università Cattolica is limited to assist. Issues dealing with VISA, salary, meals, accommodation is left to student’s initiative and responsibility.