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Living in Milan

If you wish to open a bank account, rent an apartment or buy an Italian telephone card you will need a Tax Code “Codice Fiscale”. It is a 16-character alphanumeric code issued free of charge by the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) to identify Italian nationals and foreign residents in Italy. It is free to obtain, and it is valid for a lifetime. A tax code is calculated on your surname (three letters), name (three letters), date and place of birth, sex (five characters) and a checksum letter. Although it can be generated by using unofficial online tools, only Tax codes issued by the Italian Revenue Agency/ Agenzia delle Entrate are valid by law.


How to apply for it

You can either:

  • request it at the Italian Embassy in your country before your departure; or
  • request it at any  of the branches of the Agenzia delle Entrate in Milan. The request can be done by email by attaching the necessary documentation; the certificate of attribution of the tax code number will be returned the same way (via email). Please see the YESMILANO dedicated webpage for detailed instructions. 

Average costs (per semester)

  • Accommodation: € 2,700 to € 3,900
  • Food: € 750 to € 1,000
  • Personal expenses: € 200 to € 400 per month
  • Books: € 200
  • Local transportation: € 102

Average single priced (food) items

  • Pizza+Beer: € 15
  • Cinema ticket: € 7.50
  • Gelato: € 3
  • Panino, sandwich: € 5
  • Caffè, Coffee: € 1
Tha Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) operates within the metropolitan area, comprising of a metro, bus and tram network.


Buses are always orange or green. The wide network of buses covers the entire city. It will allow you to access all major city attractions within 30 minutes.

Metro (subway/underground)
The metropolitana (metro) has five lines: red (M1), green (M2), yellow (M3), liliac (M5) and blue (M4). M4 is running between Linate and San Babila only, as the line has not yet been completed. Metro entrances are marked with a red square sign with a white "M". The Milano metro runs from 05:30 until 00.15 depending on the line and day.

Tram (trolley car)
Run throughout the city. The older trams are orange whilst the modern trams are yellow with green interior. Tram stops as well as bus stops are marked by tall orange poles with a diagram of the tram or bus route.

All tickets for the public transportation system can be purchased at news kiosks, tobacco shops, from your smartphone downloading the ATM app, or in the metro stations from machines or ticket booths. The same ticket can be used on all three types of transport for up to 90 minutes. Note: You cannot purchase tickets on the bus or trams.

Ticket costs
One ride is € 2,20 each and is valid for 90 minutes.
Carnet 10 rides of 90 minutes €19.50 (one per person, cannot be shared).
We recommend that you purchase the monthly transportation pass for €22 (plus a €10 subscription fee). 

A special discount on the yearly ticket is available to Cattolica students. It is possible to request it by log in here with the iCatt credentials. For assistance contact info.mobility@unicatt.it.

If you enjoy riding a bike, you can subscribe to BikeMI (https://www.bikemi.com/), Milan's bike sharing easy, practical and ecological service. Cattolica students can have a discounted price (€ 29 instead of € 36 per year) if they apply from their iCatt page.

If you need a taxi in Milan, you can call 02.77.77 or download the app Milano in Taxi.