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Living in Brescia

Money Matters

Average living costs (per semester)

  • Accommodation: €3,000 to €3,600
  • Food: € 750 to €1,000
  • Personal expenses: €200 to €400 per month
  • Books: €200
  • Local transportation: €140 (student annual subscription)

Acarage single priced items

  • Cinema ticket: €7,00 to €9,50
  • Gelato: €2,50
  • Panino, sandwich: €7
  • Caffè, Coffee: €1,20


Public Transport in Brescia

Brescia Mobilità manages the public transport services of the city of Brescia and the surrounding areas. It operates within the metropolitan area, comprising of a metro and bus network.

Buses are always orange. The wide network of buses covers the entire city and 14 surrounding municipalities and has 16 lines (17 during the summer). The Service is available 365 days a year, with a partial suspension on 25 December, 1 May, and on Easter Sunday, when the service ends at 12.30pm.

Metro (subway/underground)
The metropolitana (metro) runs from 5.00am until midnight and on Saturdays, it extends its service hours until 1.00am. The subway takes about 30 minutes to travel the entire route between the two terminals at Prealpino and Sant'Eufemia.

All tickets for the public transportation system can be purchased at news kiosk, tabacco shops, from your smartphone downloading the BSMOVE app or sending an SMS, or in the metro stations from machines. The same ticket can be used on all two types of transport for up to 90 minutes but must be validated each time.

Note: You can purchase tickets on the bus.

Ticket Costs

  • One ride: €1,70 
  • Daily ticket: €3,80 
  • Carnet 10 rides:€15 (one per person, cannot be shared)
  • Monthly pass: €39
  • Annual subscription for University students: €275

If you enjoy riding a bike, you can subscribe to BiciMia, Brescia's easy, practical and ecological Bike sharing service. To use BiciMia all you need is an Omnibus Card (a contactless electronic card, personal and non-transferable, that can be used for any service offered by Brescia Mobilità which costs €5) to pick up and return the bike in one of the 73 BiciMia stations around the city.

If you need a taxi in Brescia, you can call Radio Brixia Taxi +39 030 35111 or download the app IT TAXI.

Brescia is well connected to the most important cities of Northern Italy. You can take the train from the Brescia Station and reach, for example, Milan in about 40 minutes and Venice in about 1.30 hours. Visit Trenitalia or Italo Treno for more information.