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Cattolica International

30 July 2020

What’s the opinion of an HR director on the transformations of the job market after the pandemic? We’ve interviewed Sonia Malaspina, HR Director for Southern Europe at Danone Specialized Nutrition.

27 July 2020

"By making us face up to our weaknesses and our fears, this pandemic has drawn out surprising resources in each and every one of us, reawakening feelings of sharing and international solidarity."

17 July 2020

“I as a professor can educate my student if I let my student educate me.” Professor Fausto Colombo is Full Professor of Theory and Techniques of Media. He is Head of Department of Communication and Performing Arts, and Member of Academia Europaea.

17 July 2020

Daniele Bellasio is Head of Communication at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. "Not only what we have done so far will remain, but much of what we have done so far will be incorporated into planning for communications, events and teaching"

13 July 2020

"In addition to protecting the safety and health of students, which remains the priority, and guaranteeing continuity of teaching, our promise is also to keep the quality and style of our university's educational offer intact."

13 July 2020

What is distance-learning teaching us? Laura and Cecilia, two students of the MSc in Management at Università Cattolica del sacro cuore, share their double degree online experience with Boston University.