Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Cattolica International

14 May 2024

Francesca's journey, from an immersive volunteer experience in a Tanzanian orphanage to a programme coordinator role guiding students on similar paths, epitomises the importance of humility, flexibility, and personal growth in international experiences

10 May 2024

Raffaella Iafrate, Pro-Rector delegate for Equal Opportunities at Università Cattolica, discusses how generational gaps impact university communities, emphasizing the importance of building strong connections based on respect and dignity.

9 May 2024

We interviewed Professor Luigi d'Alonzo, Rector's Delegate for Inclusion. He stressed that being cultured means making inclusivity a habit and a core value. Università Cattolica’s services foster a culture of accessibility and inclusive thinking.

9 May 2024

We interviewed Professor Elena Marta, President of EDUCatt, a foundation providing services related to the right to study at Università Cattolica. She emphasized the accessibility of psychological support services.

27 July 2023

Branding with Gen z: Getting to know student and entrepreneur Joseph as he leads us down his remarkable path of business venture and technology while showing that success and impact for this generation are just a click away.

16 May 2023

Creating with Bianca. Meeting young entrepreneur Bianca Zolezzi in her imaginative journey of transforming an idea into a business – inspired by a family gift and all the positive things that letting one’s creativity fly away could bring.

2 December 2022

While Milan is best known for being the finance and design capital of Italy, it has many unexpected stories to tell and a great deal of beauty to share besides the hustle and bustle of business and fashion.