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Cattolica International

16 March 2022

We sat down with a recent graduate of Università Cattolica, Barbara Rusconi, Financial Support Officer at CERN, to see how she seeks out education and navigates working online in a world where the office has become an extension of our apartments.

12 January 2022

A young student challenges herself to learn one of the most unique languages in the world and embarks on an unusual journey discovering a passion for a new culture and way of life in Beijing as a Double Degree student at Università Cattolica.

25 October 2021

Two friends on a challenging trip: cycling during the day on dirt roads, gravel, asphalt, some days up to 50 kilometres; but in the evening, it is time to sit in your lecture of the online summer session of University of California, Berkeley, USA.

18 March 2021

Professor Graffigna knows that everything is constantly changing and evolving. Her research tracked those psychological parameters that capture people’s changing moods, concerns, and emotions.

17 March 2021

Take a sneak peek in the life of four students at the time of virtual learning and remote working. From Milan to China, from Coventry to California, follow us while we learn about their challenges and achievements.

16 March 2020

Determination. Passion. Action. Creativity. Empathy. How Sergio Pitrone turned a goal written on a random Post-it Note in two start-up businesses that challenge the status quo.