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Sport Facilities

Università Cattolica collaborates with various sports centers, sports societies/clubs, and gyms, located both in Piacenza and in Cremona. Students are recommended to bring their Student Card.

For detailed information please visit:


Sports Center

The University Sports Center, Centro Polisportivo Universitario, recently opened at Università Cattolica’s Piacenza campus, offering tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, and weightlifting facilities, together with three artificial rock-climbing walls.
Thanks to the Associazione sportiva universitaria europea (ASUP) association, students can participate in sports competitions.

Each student will be required to pay an annual fee.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday, 9.00am – 11.00pm

For detailed information please visit: piacenza.unicatt.it/gli-spazi-del-campus-di-piacenza-centro-sportivo

Mr Fausto Camozzi, ISEF instructor
Strada dell’Anselma, 7
29122 Piacenza
Tel./Fax: +39 0523 594111
Mobile: +39 339 6895230
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