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Sports Facilities

Università Cattolica has made arrangements with various sports centers and clubs, both in Piacenza and in Cremona. Students are recommended to present their Student Card and check for available benefits.

For detailed information please visit: https://piacenza.unicatt.it/convenzioni_sportive.pdf
Sport inCampus, Piacenza

Sport InCampus, located between the two on-campus Student Residences in Piacenza, includes many sport facilities, such as 2 small outdoors soccer fields and an indoor basket and volleyball court. 
For detailed information please visit: https://educatt.unicatt.it/educatt-servizi-di-piacenza-e-cremona-sport

Sport inCampus Educatt
Strada dell’Anselma, 7
29122 Piacenza
Tel.: +39 0523 562111
@: info.pc.dsu@educatt.it