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Residency permit

Within 8 working days of their arrival in Italy, Non-Eu residents are required to submit the application for a Residency Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) for study reasons to the local post office. Should you be required to respect a quarantine, the 8 days are calculated from the end of the quarantine period.
The Residency Permit is a card with a microchip and a machine-readable magnetic strip containing the cardholder's personal details, photo, and fingerprints in digital format.

The application form has to be requested at post offices (use this webpage to locate them). The list of required documents is available in the presentation below.

Upon submission of the request, you will be assigned an appointment with the police, make sure you check in the presentation the additional documents requested for the interview. The Residency Permit will be issued by the relevant police station (Commissariato/Questura) after about 1-2 months from the interview.

The expiration date of the Residency Permit is decided by the police depending on how long your study period at Cattolica is and on how long your health insurance lasts. In any case, the Residency Permit for study reasons will be valid up to a maximum of one year.

Under current regulations, it will have to be renewed every 12 months. For the first renewal, non-EU students must prove that they passed at least one exam during the first year of study; for subsequent renewals, they need to pass at least two exams every year.