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FAQ - Exchange Programme in Brescia


Where can I find the link to the application?
You should go back to your Home University Advisor and ask him/her to nominate you via email to Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (ucsc.international-bs@unicatt.it).  Università Cattolica will proceed in acknowledging your nomination and will send you back a link to the application online.

When is the application deadline?
Applicants are required to submit their application by May 15 in order to study at Università Cattolica for the Fall Semester or by October 15 for the Spring Semester.

Am I requested to submit the application in paper version?
No, the submission is online only.

Which documents do I need to include int the application?
You need to complete the application by including:
  • a passport size picture
  • the scanned version of your passport or other ID documents
  • the Transcript of Records from your Home Institution
  • the learning agreement/course request list duly signed by both the student and the home University
  • certificates assessing the knowledge of the Italian Language or the Italian Language Proficiency Report (if willing to take courses taught in Italian).

What is the Italian Proficiency Report and in which case I do have to submit the Report enclosed to the application?
The Italian Language Proficiency Report is required for applicants planning to pursue coursework, besides language courses, in Italian. The report needs to be completed and attached to the application. The first part of the report is to be completed by you. The second part of the report is to be completed by a language instructor and sent directly to Università Cattolica. Both parts of the report need to be completed.

What is the UCSC Academic Curriculum about?
UCSC Academic Curriculum (Brescia) is made of courses from the 6 Schools (facoltà) at Università Cattolica and over 30 curricula either at undergraduate and graduate level.
The vast majority of courses offered are in the Italian Language. Students will have to prove their knowledge of Italian Language in order to take courses from the UCSC Academic Curriculum taught in Italian.

When do I receive an acceptance notice?
An acceptance notice will be sent out in 1 month from the reception of your complete application. Nevertheless, UCSC International Staff may contact you if you have not completed successfully the online application process before the mentioned deadline. You can be contacted both in case of lack of required supporting documents and in case further information from your side are needed to complete the application assessment.
Please be sure to read carefully the text of the acceptance notice.

Curricula and courses offer

Being an Erasmus + students, how many courses can I choose from the UCSC Academic Curriculum?
Being you an Erasmus + student, you can complete your Study Plan by selecting courses from the UCSC Academic Curriculum. Please note that the average workload per semester is 30 ECTS (about 4 courses).

Being an Erasmus + students, will I be able to change the courses I indicated into my Learning Agreement during the application process?
Yes, you can modify your Learning Agreement by adding and dropping courses once you are at Università Cattolica premises. Please turn directly to Cattolica International Staff to have your new Learning Agreement signed and in case you need advice on the courses.

From the UCSC Academic Curriculum, can I take courses from all the Facoltà/Schools at Università Cattolica?
Yes, students can choose to take courses from all the Facoltà (Schools) at UCSC. Despite this, we invite students to look up for courses in the subject area that best suits their home university requirements.

How do I look up UCSC Academic Curriculum courses?
In order to look up for courses of the UCSC Academic Curriculum, you have to search into the ECTS Guide at the following link: ects.unicatt.it/ects/.
Please consider that in order to look up for the course you will have to enter in order one of the options displayed in the fields: the Academic Year, the Campus, the Faculty, the Language of Instruction and click on SEARCH. All the courses available per Faculty will be displayed.
If you need to verify in which semester the course is offered please select from the drop down menu of the field PERIODO DI LEZIONE: Annuale – courses that last an academic year – 1° Semestre - courses scheduled in the Fall Semester – 2° Semestre - courses scheduled in the Spring Semester.

Are all the courses from UCSC Academic Curriculum in Italian?
No. The UCSC Academic Curriculum has the majority of courses taught in Italian and a few number of courses taught in English.

Do I have to register to courses before coming over to Italy?
UCSC Academic Curriculum does not require a registration to courses before the arrival.

Academic Calendar

When am I expected to come over to Italy for the beginning of my exchange/study abroad period?
Università Cattolica organizes two Orientation Events at the beginning of each semester.
A specific email informing on the orientation dates and asking for your attendance is sent out before your departure from home country/university.

Visa and Permit of stay

Do I need a VISA to come to Italy?
If you do not have a European passport or European citizenship a VISA for study reason is required. Cattolica International will send out to your Home University International Office/to ISEP Central Office/ to you directly two Invitation Letters: 1 in Italian and 1 in English.
Please note that the statement ‘the student will be accommodated at the University International dorm in Piazza Buonarroti, 30 – 20149 Milano’ is a standard address in order for you to receive a study visa.

What is the Permit of Stay?
The permit of stay is a document you will be asked to apply for upon arrival in order to be legally registered for you to stay in Italy.

How should I deal with the Permit of Stay once in Italy?
During the Orientation Events, a specific session on the Permit of Stay is organized and the Cattolica International Staff is at disposal to help and support you in filling in the documents requested for the Permit of Stay issuing.

Please remember that, in order to get the permit request filled you need the following documents:

  • passport and photocopy of student’s personal data page and VISA
  • photocopy of VISA documentation and of any letter issued and stamped by Consulate
  • the certificate of enrolment/Admission Letter issued by Università Cattolica
  • photocopy of health insurance coverage
  • a revenue stamp (Marca da bollo) of €16 (to purchase at any tobacco shop)

Accommodation in Brescia

How do I look for an accommodation in Brescia?
Cattolica International will send you a specific communication on accommodation solutions available in Brescia.

I am an ISEP students, are meals included in my program?
If you are an ISEP EXCHANGE student meals are included in your benefits. ISEP DIRECT program do not include meals.