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Cattolica International

How to fill in your application

Once you have activated your account login (username and password) for entering the student enrolment portal at the following link: https://www.unicatt.eu/enrolment-portal you need to:
  • Select the programme: Progetti Internazionali (ITA) / Inbound Mobility Programmes (ENG)
  • Select the Campus: Milan, Brescia, Piacenza, Cremona, Rome
  • Confirm the Academic Year
  • Start your application by clicking APPLY/ISCRIVITI on the white card IBOUND MOBILITY PROGRAMME. 
  • Select the period during which you wish to study at Cattolica

On the right top of the page you can select the language you prefer (English or Italian)

On the Data privacy section, click on INBOUND MOBILITY PROGRAMME and read the conditions to provide consent.
A Progress tracker will guide you through your application.

Please enter your data in all the fields. You are also requested to enter your Residence Data.

Press on CONTINUE button to proceed to the next page where you must enter information on Qualification. 

Click on Add to enter your current qualification. IMPORTANT: Students who have previously attended or who are currently enrolled in a non-Italian institution must select "International Bachelor's degree".

Press on CONTINUE button to proceed to the next page.

You will be asked to upload some important documents, be sure you upload those that are compulsory.

Compulsory documents: 

  • passport size photo
  • Identity document
  • Special need form
  • Transcript of records.

Important note on Special Need form: you are required to upload it even if you don’t have any special need, simply answer NO to all the questions. 

Not Compulsory documents:

  • Permit of stay
  • Fiscal Code.

Language Proficiency for Italian: compulsory if you are planning on taking courses in Italian at Cattolica.

Language proficiency for English: compulsory if the courses you are taking at your home university are NOT in English. Students who are already studying in an English-taught degree programme at their university may complete the English proficiency report including this information.

This section refers to the courses you can select at Cattolica:
  1. UCSC International Curriculum (Milan campus ONLY)
  2. Corso di Lingua Italiana
  3. Experiential Learning opportunities (Milan campus ONLY)
  4. UCSC Academic Curriculum

Read carefully the instruction at the beginning of each page! You may not be able to take all the courses shown depending on the campus you will be attending. 

Once you are in the section available for your campus at Cattolica, click on the round yellow button “upload” to select the courses you are interested in.

To find your course you can:

  • Type the course code and then click on SEARCH. You can also insert the Language as filter.
  • If you don’t know the course code, you can leave all the fields empty and then click on SEARCH.
  • If you click on the white small lens on the right top of the page you can type the title of the course or at least one keyword.

Academic curriculum courses: the best way you have to select a course is to look for it by course code. You can browse the ECTS guide at the provided link, copy the code of the course you are interested in and paste it in the course code section, then click on SEARCH.  

In order to select the course you are interested IN for each section, flag the white box next to the course code and click on SAVE before leaving the page and pass to the next one.

Once you have added all your courses and clicked on continue, the system will show you the full list of your selection. 

If you are required to pay for specific selected courses/enrolment fee, a chart will display the list of courses and the amount due.

IMPORTANT: any changes to your course selection must be made before proceeding.

Make sure to read carefully the conditions of enrolment.

In order to proceed you must accept them  by ticking the box  “I expressly agree”.

Open the MAV document by clicking on the button and then, by clicking on PRINT, save the document on your PC. 

Note: the Learning disabilities box does not apply to international students, you can ignore. 

Select the option of payment: SCRIGNOPAGOFACILE for online payment.

Once on the SCRIGNOPAGOFACILE website you can select english language and click on “Anonymous access”. In the next page select MAV and then enter: 

  1. MAV ID number (a code you find in the payment slip of the MAV under the title)   
  2. the amount due 
  3. flag the field I accept and click on NEXT

The page will ask you to enter the information on your payment method and card.

Once the payment has been completed you can return to the Enrolment Portal and insert the number of the MAV, the date of payment, your surname, name and the name of the bank that issued your card.

When you have filled in these fields you can CONTINUE and you will have completed the process.

You must complete the payment in one session: if the payment attempt gets interrupted, you will have to wait 24 hours before you are allowed to try again.

For any information and help regarding the Scrigno Pago Facile service or loss of payment receipt, please

The Cattolica International Staff will evaluate your application and will contact you via email if further information is needed.

If the international staff asks you for further documents you will have to re-enter the enrolment portal to upload them. When you log in, click on the document icon in the white box on the left.

Once the enrolment is finalized, you will receive an email inviting you to re-enter the Enrolment Portal and download your Admission Letters.