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Data Science for Management

School Campus Duration Total ECTS
Economics Milan, Italy January - December 2020 60

The program in Data Science for Management offers a comprehensive training in computational and statistical methods for management from a problem-solving perspective.
Students are taught by both academics and professionals employed in dynamic companies dealing with data analysis, prediction and evidence-based decision making.

Learning objectives

The program’s goal is to empower students to become Digital Data Managers for Business, a rapidly expanding and highly rewarding job which takes advantage of the digital revolution.
To address this challenge, the Master has been designed around eight core courses (structured in lectures, labs and seminars) that cover a variety of fields including: database systems and programming, statistics, text and web mining, and digital enterprise analytics. Students acquire solid computational and statistical skills to tackle real business problems.

The Master in Data Science for Management relies on an extensive network of companies and institutions that participate to the project providing teaching, case studies, mentoring and internship opportunities.

Following the second term, students are in fact presented with a variety of internship opportunities, typically with a partner company. Usually the internship lasts four months, and provides a unique opportunity to enhance student’s learning, technical skills, as well as team working. If successfully completed, the internship may lead to a job offer; it also represents a valuable experience when searching for a job.

Graduates of this Master program are ideally suited to fill jobs as Big Data Managers across a variety of industries, ranging from ICT to consulting, from banking and finance to insurance. Within companies, Data managers will exploit the ongoing digital revolution delivering analytically-informed solutions to various corporate functions.
The Master is organized in collaboration with:
  • Allianz
  • Banca Mediolanum
  • Bid Company
  • BPER Services
  • Btdata
  • CGnal
  • Deloitte
  • Energia Crescente
  • Excelle Business Consulting & Intelligence
  • Expert Systems
  • Freedata Labs
  • IBM
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Vita
  • L'Eco della Stampa
  • Metaliquid
  • Microsoft
  • Nunatac
  • Relata
  • SAS
  • Sky Italia