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International Business

School Campus Duration Total ECTS
Economics Milan, Italy September 2020 - MIB Fast Track: 12-15 months (depending on the duration of the Internship); MIB International Track: 15-18 months MIB; Master level Track: 24 months (1-year specialization abroad, post MIB Year 1)* 70, 100, 120 (depending on track)

The Master in International Business provides a relevant training experience that allows participants to join the next wave of dynamic business leaders. The programme will train you to have the skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace.
Contents are designed according to firms’ requirements, allowing companies to select up-to-date competencies to successfully face global business perspectives in rapidly changing economies.

MIB challenges its students through rigorous coursework and practical work activities, training its students to place concepts and theory into practical application. Set in diverse global contexts and in a global classroom, MIB students don’t merely think global, they simply become global.

Students with some years of work experience will be considered for the Executive class. More Info.

Learning objectives

Students will be asked to use all the acquired knowledge and skills to solve international management problems, consolidating them and applying them to the real world of business. Close collaboration with companies forms an essential facet of the programme. The skills we cover include change management, customer-driven transformation, group negotiation and management of intercultural communication projects, business process analysis and management. This provides participants with first-hand access to professional expertise to prepare them for the international business world.

Company visits are an effective way to observe professions in real operating environments. The MIB Staff organizes visits to the most significant companies of the Italian territory operating worldwide.  

The aim of the programme is to offer MIB students a diverse career, providing the opportunity to work in varied roles and geographies.
The occupational opportunities provided for students graduated in International Business could be listed among:
  • Large Multinational Enterprises
    Students being able to work efficiently in multicultural teams may find placement in a large number of functional areas by practicing management skills in the international arena.
  • Consulting Company
    A large number of consulting projects are oriented to support the multinationals in the management phase of their international positioning and efficient integration of their network of subsidiaries worldwide. The Master in International Business prepares students for projects related to cross border management.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    Graduates in International Business will be able to fill the role of Business Development Manager and/or Export Manager. They will be able to identify and select international market opportunities by understanding and capturing the added value through export strategies or other entry modes.
  • Government agencies and NGOs
    The Master in International Business also focuses on the applied economics and on the economic policies. The practical study of the role played in global business by governments and supranational institutions help International Business students to become preferential candidates for covering positions in government agencies and NGOs operating on international scale.

Main job profiles would be: Business Manager, Supply Manager, Financial Manager, Business Analyst, Logistics Manager, Managing Consultant, Import-Export Specialist, Entrepreneur.

3M, Accenture, Altran, Aran Cucine, Atlantyca Entertainment, Auchan, Bain & Company, Baker & McKenzie, Bolton Group, Brembo, Campari, Chiquita Fruit Bar, Cinecittà, Cleverlab, CNA, Continuum Innovation, Coppa+Landini, Credit Suisse, Disignum, Dolce & Gabbana, DN Logistic, Eataly, Eni, EON Energia, Esprinet, Fedon, Fratelli La Bufala, GES Italy, GMT Partners, Halldis, Holiday Inn, Illy, Innocenti Depositi, IBM, Ica Finance, LVMH, Maurizio Baldassari, Moleskine, Moncler, Na pizz, NCR, Neticon, NH Hotels, New Zealand Embassy, Opus three, Osram, Peroni, Poliform, PSA Peugeot Citroën, R.C. Media, Richemont, Rintal, Rhode&Schwarz, Shaa, Sky, Spring Professional, Stage Entertainment, STMmicroelectronics, Studio Castelli, SGS, UCIMU, Unicredit, UPS.

MATTEO BERNARDI, Sales Analyst Henkel

"There is no better chance to learn how to translate your studies in real work activities and understand how a multinational company is organized. If you are looking for a connection within your study and the work environment, the MIB master fits perfectly on you."

HALEIGH ELIZABETH HIGGINS, Sales manager PSAV, Denver, Colorado

"One of the most beneficial aspects of the MIB Master was the diversity of the classmates. This has been an invaluable part of my experience as it has made me a more well-rounded professional and team player."

SIMONE MARRAZZO, Financial services consultant Wavestone

"More than 10 nationalities in the same class, learning theoretical notions but mostly growing together and understanding how to solve business cases related to important Multinational Companies, supported by top Professors and Managers, all surrounded by an excellent organization."

FILIPPO URANI, Marketing product manager, Bosch SPA

"The MIB Master gives you a great practical start and knowledge for what the "real work environment" is. If you want to prepare yourself for a future in an international business environment and you want to discover new cultures I suggest you to apply for MIB Master in International Business."