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International students enrolled in a programme at Università Cattolica are required to adhere to the health and personal liability insurance policy that is part of the Student Safety Package, which will cover the entire period of their programme in Italy and will be complementary to any international health insurance coverage students will have enrolled in prior to their arrival at the University. This policy has been made possible as a result of an agreement between Università Cattolica and AXA Partners Italia, and it's covered by the enrolment fee students correspond at the time of enrolment or included in their study abroad benefit (only if agreed with the Partner Universities / programme providers). Programme participants will be given upon arrival instructions about the policy, its benefits, and how to access its services.

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In an emergency

In an emergency situation*, Università Cattolica:

  • will act to assess what action to take and implement that action to deal with the incident;
  • will contact students in an area affected by an emergency in order to check their situation;
  • will create a precise picture of the incident and provide a description of how the situation might develop, collecting information from multiple sources e.g. hospitals, authorities who been involved, and any acquaintances of the students;
  • will, in the event of assault or violence, assess whether this should be reported to the local police if they haven’t already been involved;
  • will, in the event of serious danger to a student’s life, inform the nearest diplomatic representative of the student’s country of origin and decide with the diplomatic representative who should take responsibility for actions to be taken e.g. repatriation;
  • will, in the event of hospitalisation, facilitate communication with the student’s insurance company’s action line, check that the hospital and the insurance company are both suitably informed and that any additional documentation has been sent to/signed by the student’s family if necessary;
  • will contact the relevant people/departments of the host university/institution (tutor, head of international projects etc.) so that they know about the student’s situation and can offer suitable support;
  • will contact the person designated ‘person to contact in case of emergency’ during enrolment.

* In the event of particularly serious or critical incidents (including those that have not yet happened but which are highly probable to happen) which may involve the student, such as: accidents on means of transport, accidents in places of study or accommodation (structural failure, fire, flooding etc), illness, serious abuse of psychoactive drugs or alcohol, criminal activity and/or physical attacks, socio-political events, acts of terrorism or subversion, natural catastrophes, or other accidental causes from which risks may arise to physical, mental or psychological health, arrest or being held by the local authorities, serious logistical difficulty e.g. unusable accommodation, inability to travel, being cut off etc, being missing, death.