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Health Services

General, specialist (gynecology, ophthalmology, diet) and preventative medical examinations are available to students. During the center's opening hours, the Nursing Service is always on hand to administer first aid, medication, and prescribed drugs, measure blood pressure, take body temperature, provide information about local health services, and give health advice. Access is free, no appointment needed.

The Health Centre is located in the main building of the University:
Largo Gemelli, 1
Dominicanum Building (Stairway E), 1st Floor
Phone: 02.7234.2217
@: centro.sanitario.dsu@unicatt.it

Opening hours:
Mondays - Fridays: 9:00 – 17:00

For specialized care: ophthalmology, gynecology, dermatology, visits are by appointment only.


The university health center also has agreements with external medical services that apply discounts to Cattolica students for specialized care and diagnostic exams:

Centro Medico Sant'Agostino
Piazza Sant'Agostino, 1 Milano
Tel. 02/89.701.702
(English-speaking assistance is available)

Istituto Auxologico Italiano
Via Ariosto, 13 Milano
Tel. 02/61.911.2500

Ospedale Niguarda Ca' Granda
Piazza Ospedale Maggiore, 9 Milano
Tel. 02/

Access to these services does not require any kind of referral from the University Health Centre. Students should mention that they are Cattolica students when they call to book an appointment.

  • You must bring proof of internationally valid health insurance coverage, effective for the same duration as your Visa term, to the Italian Embassy or Consulate when applying for your Student Visa.
    If you do not have existing internationally valid health insurance, a number of private providers offer qualifying coverage for Italy that can be applied for and obtained in your home country.

  • Other private providers that offer supplemental insurance include Welcome Association Italy (“WAI”), which primarily covers emergency care. WAI cost: € 71 for six months/ € 120.00 for one year. The policy will be valid only after applying for the residence permit. UCSC International will provide further details during the Orientation Event. If you plan to stay in Italy for at least one year, you will have to buy a 12-month coverage: the Residency Permit will expire the same day of the insurance.
  • You may additionally register to the National Health Service (“Servizio Sanitario Nazionale,” aka “SSN”) upon arrival in Milano. Registering with the SSN is warmly suggested, because it entitles international students to the same treatment as Italian citizens. This includes: choice of a general practitioner, who can visit you free of charge, and who will refer you to specialists (dentists, orthopedics, etc.); admission to public or certified private hospitals; doctor on duty-continuous assistance service (guardia medica) free of charge; lower fees for tests; medical fees exemption for chronic diseases. It costs € 149.77 per calendar year (January to December). If you enroll in September, you should purchase first a private health insurance for 12 months, and then you can subscribe to the SSN. In order to register, go to the ATS (Local Health Office) of your city area and take with you:
    • self-certificate of enrolment at Università Cattolica (downloadable from iCatt);
    • residence permit, or residence permit application receipt;
    • codice fiscale;
    • copy of passport;
    • receipt of the payment for the SSN subscription.
Health insurance coverage in Italy is not mandatory. As an EU citizen you are covered for emergencies by the national health system by showing your European Health Insurance Card.
If you choose to seek internationally valid health care coverage, a number of private providers offer qualifying coverage for Italy that can be applied for and obtained in your home country.

You can transfer your national health insurance coverage to Italian Health Service (SSN) for the period of your stay, by going to the "ATS - Ufficio scelta e revoca" (office for the choice of the general practictioner) competent on your area of residence in Milan, bringing the S1 form, issued and completed by your home town competent authority, a valid ID and your Codice Fiscale. You will choose a general practitioner near to you in Milan and obtain access to public or certified health facilities and hospitals, and emergency care at the same conditions as Italian citizens. Make sure you notify the same office when you leave.

In case you don’t have a S1 form along with you, you can still obtain health insurance in Italy, including the Italian National Health Service by voluntary subscription - "iscrizione volontaria al SSN". Voluntary subscription for students costs € 149.77 per calendar year (January to December).

Private providers offer supplemental insurance, including Welcome Association Italy (“WAI”), which primarily covers emergency care. WAI cost:  €142 for six months/ €202 for one year (EU nationals under 40). Prices as of June 2019 and might be subject to change.

See the website of the European Commission for more information.