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LinkedIn for Rookies: 4 Insights from Guest Speaker Lisa Huang, Account Manager @LinkedIn

by Adriana Maria Vargas Bermudez


All of us who are close to graduation have thought about our short- and medium-term future. Today's labour world presents obstacles and challenges that can feel like exploring uncharted terrain without a map or structure. But the best thing we can do is fill ourselves with knowledge and resources that make the transition to the professional world a little more enjoyable and smoother.

Last week, during the Business Communication class of the M.Sc. in Management, the students had an awesome session with Lisa Huang, Account Manager at LinkedIn, who shared some super cool insights on how to navigate LinkedIn as you step into the professional world.

Here are 4 tips that we found useful and practical for those who will soon enter the vast workplace.

1. LinkedIn's Mission: Your Secret Weapon

LinkedIn isn't just another social media site. Its mission is all about connecting professionals to make them more productive and successful. Think of it as your career booster. Use it to network, find job opportunities, and show off your skills. Something as simple as sharing a certificate you obtained or listing the babysitter job you did during the summer can make a huge impact on how you are perceived on the platform.

2. Organic vs. Paid Media: What's the Difference?

Lisa broke it down for us in a way that's easy to get:

  • Organic Media: Free content you post like updates and articles. It's perfect for genuine interactions and building your brand. (From your graduation to promotions, to research projects, etc.)
  • Paid Media: Ads that cost money but reach more people. Use these when you want to get noticed, like when you are job hunting or promoting a big project.
3. Mastering Organic Media

Algorithms are something that affects all social networks and it is a constant struggle to know how to stay relevant and active in your job search, so we collected some tips that Lisa mentioned that can be useful when it comes to keeping our LinkedIn game strong:

  • When to Post: Post daily, ideally during business hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 – 5:00). Test to find what works best for your audience or goals with the platform.
  • What to Post: Share your achievements, projects, and cool industry stuff. Don't forget to add images and videos to visually engage with your followers.
  • How to Post: Use hashtags to join trending conversations and respond to comments quickly. This can also put you on the radar for recruiters much more easily than just passively scrolling through your feed.
4. Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile

Lisa shared some very interesting tips to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to hiring users:

  • Add a Photo: Profiles with a photo get more views and messages. Get your lighting and camera ready to take some nice profile photos! Remember to keep the photos very professional, we know you love your dog but maybe it’s better to keep them off the radar!
  • Include The Industry You're Interested In: This helps recruiters find you easily and boosts your profile views.
  • Show You're Open to Work: Use the 'Open to Work' badge to let recruiters know you are job hunting.
  • Craft a Killer Summary: Your "About" section is your elevator pitch. Highlight your achievements and career goals.
  • Add Skills and Endorsements: List your skills and get endorsements to make your profile more attractive.
  • Get Recommendations: Ask for recommendations to add credibility to your profile. This could be anyone from your dissertation advisor to your first boss, anyone with whom you made a good impression and can help you look your best to impress recruiters.

Lisa Huang's session was packed with practical tips that can help you navigate LinkedIn like a pro. It can look scary and a bit overwhelming but whether you're looking to network, find a job, or just show off your skills, these tips will set you on the right path. Happy LinkedIn-ing!