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Course details


First year

  • Audaudiovisual media policies and new challenges for the cultural industries (8 ECTS)
  • Data communication and society (with tool for social research and data analysis) (8 ECTS)
  • Data science for communication with pitching and public speaking (8 ECTS)
  • Digital and soft skill (6 ECTS)
  • General management and principles of accounting (8 ECTS)
  • Marketing management and marketing planning (8 ECTS)
  • Psychology of digital media with developmental psychology (8 ECTS)
  • English for business (3 ECTS)
  • Workshop: self branding & job positioning (2 ECTS)

Second year

  • Corporate communication and communication law (8 ECTS)
  • Languages and creativity in media with brand entertainment (8 ECTS)
  • Public humanities and cultural diplomacy (8 ECTS)
  • Business marketing (with digital marketing project) (8 ECTS)
  • Free choice exams (8 ECTS)
  • Final dissertation (10 ECTS)
  • Internship (10 ECTS)
  • Workshop: thesis and dissertation (1 ECTS)
Graduates in Communication for business, media and culture will develop the necessary knowledge, competences and skills to start their Careers in the communication, marketing and management field. They will be able to create media content in relation to the actual context, design campaigns, plan communication actions, and events on and offline.

Graduates can start their professional career as Press Officer for National and International Institutions; Corporate Communication Consultant; PR Expert; Spokesperson for Public Administrations; Press Officer for profit and non-profit Organisations.

Graduates can operate in the following areas: marketing and communication company departments, institutions, associations, public administrations; advertising agencies; media centres and media agencies; adv concessionaires. They can act as: Communication manager; Brand manager; Product manager; Content manager (responsible for media positioning and distribution); Press and Media Officer; Head of Internal and External Communication Officer; Market analyst; Event Planner; Culture and Entertainment Promoter; Fundraising and Sponsorship Consultant

Classes for academic year 2024/2025 will start on September 23rd, 2024.

The calendar for the academic year 2024/25 will be available in July 2024.
For reference: find here the calendar of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy and Economics for the a.y. 2023/24.

If you are looking for a flexible and autonomous solution to learn Italian while studying at Università Cattolica, you can access the self-learning linguistic lab (CAP) of the SeLdA (Servizio Linguistico d’Ateneo) and benefit from a personalized language advisory service. 

In addition, SELDA organizes fee-paying Italian language courses, for more information contact SELDA from the dedicated iCatt function (in the homepage, box “request for information”).

Students are required to attend theology teachings aimed at offering a reasoned and critical knowledge of the Christian message.