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Admission and tuition

Although both Italy and Switzerland belong to the Schengen area, non-EU students who are admitted onto Italian soil on a study visa for their first year will be required to apply separately for a study visa for Switzerland for their second year of study. Candidates for this programme must be aware that obtaining a study visa for Italy does not guarantee that they will receive one for Switzerland as immigration eligibility criteria and requirements might vary significantly between both countries. 
This Joint degree programme currently does not have a second-year study alternative at Università Cattolica.  We would therefore advise that candidates seriously assess the possible risks such a programme poses in terms of guaranteed continuity and consider an alternative such as a two-year programme at one of the two sites of interest, namely Università Cattolica or Università della Svizzera italiana. 

The following sections are applicable to candidates holding or who are about to obtain a non-Italian academic qualification.
Candidates holding or who are about to obtain an Italian academic qualification who must follow the admission procedures for domestic students.

The application fee will not be refunded in case you follow the incorrect application procedure.