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NON-E.U. Students* must apply for a STUDY VISA to study and live in Italy. 

To obtain a student visa you will need to:

1. Print your Admission Letter.

You can find the admission letter in the enrolment portal after Cattolica International confirms your enrolment. It is provided in two languages (Italian and English). The Italian consular office might request up to 2 copies, so we recommend pritning multiple copies of the letter in both languages.

2. Complete and submit the pre-enrolment application online on the Universitaly Portal.

Follow the steps described in the guide: English guide - Italian guide

Once completed, Cattolica International will check and validate your pre-enrolment application, which will then be made accessible to the Italian Embassy/Consulate for the jurisdiction you selected. You will receive a notification from Universitaly, instructing you to download and print the validated pre-enrolment application. You must provide a copy of the validated pre-enrolment application to the consular office with the admission letter to support your visa application. 

3. Request your study VISA.

Check the general Italian visa application guidelines on the Italian visa information website. We highly recommend that you verify any specific application requirements as set out by the Italian Embassy in your home country or consulate in your jurisdiction by visiting the Embassy/consulate website or by contacting the consular office directly.


* Students with a valid Italian or E.U. passport do not have to apply for a student visa. Non-EU citizens with valid residency status in another EU country with  a valid passport do not need to apply for a student visa but must apply for a Permit of Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno).