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Africa Scholars Program

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, as part of its mission to foster relationships with developing countries, has developed a special program for students from the African continent. This program will enable students to study in 2-year graduate degree programs taught in English at either Milan, Roma, Piacenza or Cremona campuses.


Through the Cattolica Africa Program, all accepted applicants will be offered tuition fee reductions (see the chart below). However, students will still be responsible for their own living expenses, hence the Cattolica Africa Program is NOT a program through which full scholarships can be obtained.
Students, either citizens or residents, of all African countries may apply for the Cattolica Africa Program, which is applicable only for the following degree programs taught in English.

Cattolica Africa Scholars Program

This program consists of 2-year graduate degrees (Lauree Magistrali), all taught in English and commencing in September every year. These programs are preparing for an academic and/or professional career and their graduates are also eligible to enter PhD programs at Italian universities.
  1. The Art and Industry of Narration (Milan Campus)
  2. Banking and Finance (Milan Campus)
  3. Data analytics for business (Milan campus)
  4. Economics - Laurea Magistrale in Economia (Milan Campus)
  5. Innovation and Technology Management (Milan Campus)
  6. Management (Milan Campus)
  7. Methods and Topics in Arts Management - Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Gestione dei Beni Culturali e dello Spettacolo (Milan Campus)
  8. Statistical and actuarial sciences - Actuarial Sciences for insurance (Milan Campus)
  9. Agricultural and Food Economics (Cremona Campus)
  10. Food Processing: innovation and tradition (Cremona campus)
  11. Global Business Management (Piacenza Campus)
  12. Sustainable Viticulture and Enology - Laurea Magistrale in Agricoltura sostenibile e di precisione (Piacenza campus)
  13. Healthcare Management - Laurea Magistrale in Management dei Servizi (Roma Campus)
  14. Applied data science for banking and finance (Brescia campus)
  15. Physics for technology and innovation - Laurea Magistrale in Fisica (Brescia campus)

Tuition fees

Students should expect to cover a minimum of €850 per month for rent and food. Living costs in Piacenza and Cremona are approximately €200 per month lower than in Milan and in Rome.
The tuition fees (after tuition fee reduction) are as follows:
  1. Published Tuition: €8,840
  2. Tuition fee reduction: €5,540 per year
  3. Tuition to be paid: €3,300 per year

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for all graduate Degree programs include:
  1. Completion of a Bachelor Degree from a recognized university (2nd class upper division / 2.1 degree or higher)
  2. Proof of proficiency in English

An application fee of 75€ is due in order to submit the candidacy. Read the admission procedure guideline carefully.