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International Screenwriting and Production

School Campus Duration Total ECTS
Arts and Philosophy - Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures Milan, Italy September 2020 - November 2021 60

The Master in International Screenwriting and Production aims at creating professional scriptwriters, story editors and producers, providing them with a thorough understanding of the audiovisual industry and a strong knowledge of the storytelling techniques, which are the heart of every project of feature film and television series.

The MISP is a full-time intensive course, with a maximum enrollment of 42 students.

Learning objectives

The Master will allow students to acquire the required knowledge to work in the entertainment industry, both as writers and/or professionals working in production or distribution companies, TV networks, talent agencies or as production assistants. Students will receive a comprehensive and high-level training which effectively combines the academic expertise of university professors with the professional know-how of high-ranking professionals with international profiles.

Graduates from the MISP are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates have both the theoretical knowledge and the methodological tools suited to pursue professional and managerial careers as:
  • Screenwriters or creative producers of television series and feature films;
  • Authors of TV entertainment programs and documentaries, copywriters, creators of video games and web series, writers of comic books and novels and fiction editors in publishing companies;
  • Story editors and script consultants;
  • Supervisors of evaluation, acquisition and programming of TV shows;
  • Professionals working in different areas of the television and film industry (physical production, distribution, acquisition, product placement, etc.)
Francesco Arlanch, Screenwriter (class of 2000)

Author of around twenty TV miniseries for RAI (National Italian Broadcaster), most of them among the top rating shows of the year. Author also of many episodes of top-rating TV series, two feature films, and some animation series. A good number of them have been broadcasted in many countries of the world (for ex. John Paul II, starring Jon Voight, coproduction with CBS, Anna Karenina, Sant'Agostino, etc.).

“Years ago I attended this Master’s Program as a pastime activity (at that time it only lasted a few months). Today I make a living from what I learned in those few months and I’ve fulfilled a dream that before I didn’t even dare to nurture: to write for the screen. This Master Program can change your life.”

Daniela Delle Foglie, Screenwriter (Class of 2011)

Right after graduating from the Master Program, Daniela succeeded in writing several episodes of the teen series Talent High School. In 2013 she has been appointed to be one of the head writers of the third season of the top rating TV series RAI Che Dio Ci Aiuti, where she is now working on season 4. She also co-wrote episodes of Don Matteo, in addition to creating new TV series concepts. In 2015 she has published her first novel for Mondadori.

“Undeniably, this Master’s Program provided me with the tools necessary for turning my passion into a real job. During his lecture at the Master, John Truby said something that has become a kind of mantra for me: "Write a story that can change your life." Maybe I've done that already, or maybe I’ll manage to do it someday, but every time I find myself in front of a blank page, I think about it and I try.”

Mariachiara Oltolini, Animation screenwriter (class of 2013)

Mariachiara works as story editor and screenwriter for Calon TV, a Cardiff-based animation production company that works for BBC, ARD, RAI, among others.

“This program has played a major role in my professional training. It didn’t only teach me the craft of writing, but also taught me a working method founded on collaboration and teamwork. It wasn’t only a training program, but a valuable opportunity for growth. And for that I am deeply grateful.”

Edoardo Gino, Story Editor for Lux Vide (class of 2015)

Edoardo Gino is currently working in Lux vide, as story editor for a new TV series for Sky Italy and for the new season of the TV series for RaiUno Un passo dal cielo.

“I entered the MISP with two things: a passion for writing, and the dream to make a living out of it. Now, just a few months after the end of the program, my dream has become a concrete perspective. You need your 3% of talent on your own, but if you want to learn the 97% of technique and persistence that you need to write a great story, the MISP is your place to be.”