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Course details

  • Screenwriting theory (8 ECTS)
  • Script analysis and project evaluation (8 ECTS)
  • Writing techniques for audiovisual products: (12 ECTS)
    • Screenwriting practice: treatments, scenes and dialogues, scripts, pitches
    • The writing of genres and adaptation.
      Writing for different formats: comic books, novels, documentaries, entertainment TV shows, advertising, the web, mobile media, and transmedia projects
    • Screenwriting and production of animation projects
  • The audiovisual industry: (4 ECTS)
    • Industries and audiences
    • TV acquisition and programming and film distribution
    • The physical production: pre-production, shooting, post-production, contracts and budgeting
  • Communication ethics (4 ECTS)
  • Workshop and practical exercises (8 ECTS)
  • Final project (16 ECTS)

Final Project

Three months before the end of theoretical classes, students will be required to choose between one of the following careers:

  • Screenwriting (students will present a script for a feature film or a TV pilot)
  • Production (students will undertake an internship on a film/TV series shooting)

Armando Fumagalli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Scientific committee

  • Luca Bernabei, Ceo Lux Vide
  • Paolo Braga, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Arturo Cattaneo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Luca Manzi, Screenwriter and creative producer


Eleonora Recalcati, story editor and screenwriter

Teachers and tutors of the final projects

  • Marco Alessi, screenwriter (Elisa di Rivombrosa, Rino Gaetano, Immaturi) and producer (Tahrir, Samouni’s Road)
  • Francesco Arlanch, screenwriter (Mary of Nazareth, Anna Karenina, Medici – Masters of Florence)
  • Renata Avidano, story editor (La strana coppia, Cosi fan tutte)
  • Francesco Balletta, screenwriter (Distretto di polizia, Ris, Angel's Friends)
  • Deborah Belford de Furia, script consultant
  • Paolo Braga, professor Università Cattolica and screenwriter  (Jules Verne)
  • Anne Brogan, producer, Managing Director Kindle Entertainment, London (Hank Zipzer, Jamillah and Aladdin)
  • Bobette Buster, professor at NorthEastern University, script consultant and screenwriter (Making Waves), Los Angeles
  • Gianfranco Cordara, Vice President, Global Operations, Disney +, Los Angeles
  • Lucia Cereda, head of development, Medusa
  • Laura Cotta Ramosino, TV series development executive, Cattleya (Tutto può succedere, Nero a metà)
  • Luisa Cotta Ramosino, screenwriter and creative producer (Distretto di polizia, Medici Masters of Florence, Devils, Made in Italy)
  • Craig Detweiler, writer, director and author, Los Angeles (The Duke, Remand)
  • Jennifer Dornbush, screenwriter, Los Angeles
  • Ryan Dornbush, VP and Director, Operations and HR, Alcon Entertainment, Los Angeles
  • Armando Fumagalli, professor of Semiotics, script consultant Lux vide.
  • Jordi Gasull, screenwriter and producer, Madrid (Lope, Tadeo Jones, Atrapa la bandera /Capture the Flag)
  • Giorgio Grignaffini, General Manager Taodue
  • Nadia Grippiolo, producer 3Zero2 (Alex & Co., Come diventare grandi nonostante I genitori)
  • Laurie Hutzler, screenwriter and script consultant (In the Valley of Elah, Quantum of Solace), Los Angeles and London
  • Steve Kaplan, script consultant (Dreamworks, Disney, Paramount), founder HBO New Writers Program, Los Angeles
  • Francesca Longardi, producer Cattleya (Io non ho paura,Lezioni di cioccolato, Benvenuti al Sud)
  • Luca Manzi, screenwriter and creative producer (Don Matteo, Boris)
  • Sara Melodia, Head of development Lux vide (War and Peace, Coco Chanel)
  • Carlo Micciché, Director Literary Content Observatory, Rti - Mediaset
  • Erica Negri, producer, Scripted Production, Sky Italy.
  • Simona Nobile, script consultant (Eurimages, Creative Europe, Amber Entertainment - London).
  • Cristiana Nobili, former Director Original Production Disney Channel EMEA, London (Quelli dell'intervallo, Chiamatemi Giò, Violetta)
  • Gennaro Nunziante, screenwriter and director (Sole a catinelle, Quo vado, Il vegetale)
  • Paolo Paggetta, Coordinator Pay and Svod Department, Mediaset
  • Alberto Pasquale, Director Umbria Film Commission, Film Business University Lecturer
  • Mara Perbellini, screenwriter (La vita che corre, Penny on MARS, Made in Italy)
  • Erminio Perocco, copywriter (commercials Telecom, Lavazza) and advertising director (Crodino)
  • Eleonora Recalcati, story editor and screenwriter (Che Dio ci aiuti, Maggie e Bianca Fashion Friends)
  • Frederick Rendina, writer and producer for documentaries, New York  (History Channel, PBS, A & E)
  • Mario Ruggeri, screenwriter (Don Matteo, Un passo dal cielo, Devils)
  • Maurizio Sangalli, screenwriter (Love Bugs, Il mammo, Casa e bottega)
  • Paolo Sigismondi, professor Global Entertainment, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • Lea Tafuri, screenwriter (Coco Chanel, C'era una volta Studio Uno, Sotto copertura, Tutto può succedere)
  • John Truby, head of Truby Writers Studio, Los Angeles
  • Andrea Valagussa, screenwriter (Distretto di polizia, La strada di casa, Solo cose belle)
  • Massimo Venier, screenwriter and director  (Chiedimi se sono felice, Aspirante vedovo, Odio l’estate)
  • Gaia Violo, Screenwriter, Los Angeles (Absentia, Blood & Treasure, In from the Cold)
  • Fabrizio Zappi, producer Raifiction (La meglio gioventù, Walter Chiari, Volare)


Special lecturers

  • Eleonora Andreatta, Head of TV drama and TV series, Rai
  • Giorgio Assumma, Lawyer, President Fondazione Perseus
  • Luca Barbareschi, actor, producer and director (Adriano Olivetti, Something Good, Nebbie e delitti)
  • Luca Bernabei, Ceo Lux Vide (War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Medici, Masters of Florence)
  • Massimo Bruno, Director DeAKids Channels
  • Tino Cennamo, Management Consultant Media and Entertainment (Look Lateral)
  • Alessandro D’Avenia, novelist and screenwriter (Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue, Ciò che inferno non è, L’arte di essere fragili).
  • Laura Del Viscovo, Promotion Department Sky Italia
  • Giulia Ichino, editor Italian fiction Giunti
  • Silvia Martinoli, author Disney publishing and journalist for Topolino
  • Jaime Ondarza, VicePresident Europe and Africa Turner Broadcasting Systems.
  • Carlo Panzeri, vice-director Canale 5
  • Nic Pizzolatto, screenwriter and creator (True Detective, The Magnificent Seven)
  • Antonio Stefanucci, line producer (La piovra, Ris, Volare)
  • Alessandro Usai, Ceo Colorado Film  

Teachers of the animation workshop

  • Eleonora Andreatta, Head of TV drama and TV series, Rai
  • Francesca Assumma, Lawyer,
  • Luca Barbareschi, actor, producer and director (Adriano Olivetti, Something Good, Nebbie e delitti, J’accuse)
  • Luca Bernabei, Ceo Lux Vide (War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Medici, Masters of Florence)
  • Massimo Bruno, Director DeAKids Channels
  • Tino Cennamo, Management Consultant Media and Entertainment (Look Lateral)
  • Piero Crispino, Ceo 3zero2 (Penny on MARS, Il vegetale)
  • Alessandro D'Avenia, novelist and screenwriter (Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue, Ciò che inferno non è, L'arte di essere fragili)
  • Laura Del Viscovo, Promotion Department Sky Italia
  • Giulia Ichino, editor Italian fiction Giunti
  • Silvia Martinoli, author Disney publishing and journalist for Topolino.
  • Jaime Ondarza, VicePresident Europe and Africa Turner Broadcasting Systems
  • Paola Ruggeri, International Tv Marketing and Programming Amalysis Dept., RTI - Mediaset
  • Antonio Stefanucci, line producer (La piovra, Ris, Volare)
  • Alessandro Usai, Ceo Colorado Film
  • John Williams, director and screenwriter, professor at Sophia University, Tokyo

Teachers of the animation workshop

  • Alfio Bastiancich, head of animation, Showlab
  • Andrea Bozzetto, director (Topo Tip)
  • Robin Lyons, screenwriter and producer, Calon, Cardiff - UK (Hana's Helpline, YoYo)
  • Luca Milano, Director, Rai Kids
  • Evelina Poggi, Business Development Lynx Multimedia Factory
  • Margherita Premuroso, animator and director, Milan and London
  • Silvia Rigotto, executive producer and script consultant (Gino il pollo, Dixiland)
  • Caterina Vacchi, Head of production department Atlantyca (Geronimo Stilton, Bat Pat)
FRANCESCO ARLANCH, Screenwriter (class of 2000)
Author of more than twenty TV miniseries for RAI (National Italian Broadcaster), most of them among the top rating shows of the year. Author also of many episodes of top-rating TV series, two feature films, and some animation series. A good number of them have been broadcasted in many countries of the world (eg. John Paul II, starring Jon Voight, coproduction with CBS, Anna Karenina, Sant'Agostino, etc.). 
He is among the authors of the second and third season of Medici. Masters of Florence, coproduction between Rai and Netflix, and co-head writer of two other big International successes of 2020 and 2021: Doc – Nelle tue mani and Blanca.
“Years ago, I attended this Master’s Program as a pastime activity (at that time it only lasted a few months). Today I make a living from what I learned in those few months and I’ve fulfilled a dream that before I didn’t even dare to nurture: to write for the screen. This master programme can change your life.



EMANUELA CANONICO, Screenwriter (class of 2005)
Screenwriter and headwriter for several Tv series, both for kids and grown-ups, such as Talent High School, Che Dio ci aiuti, Don Matteo, Rex 5, Maggie e Bianca fashion friends, Nudes. She is also the main writer of the cinema franchise for kids Me contro Te, top grossing Italian movies of 2020 and 2021.
“This master programme was crucial to put my writer’s toolbox in order. We cannot take for granted that we will always have the right tool to work a blank page out”.


ALESSANDRO D’AVENIA, Writer (class of 2007)
His first novel (Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue, 2010), has sold more than one million copies in Italy, has been  published in more than 20 countries, and has been adapted into a feature film. His following books (Cose che nessuno sa, Ciò che inferno non è, L’arte di essere fragili, Ogni storia è una storia d’amore, L’appello) have been similarly in the best seller list of their year and three of them have become theatre plays. He writes a weekly column in the main Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della sera.
“I write to know how it is going to end”.


MARIACHIARA OLTOLINI, Animation screenwriter (class of 2013)
Mariachiara works as story editor and screenwriter for different companies, like Calon TV -a Cardiff-based animation production company that works for BBC, ARD, RAI, among others- and Atlantyca (Berry Bees). She has also published a book: MP3: Sulle ruote me la rido, San Paolo.
“This master programme has played a major role in my professional training. It did not only teach me the craft of writing, but also taught me a working method founded on collaboration and teamwork. It wasn’t only a training program, but a valuable opportunity for growth. And for that, I am deeply grateful.”


EDOARDO GINO, Story editor (class of 2015)
Edoardo Gino is currently working in Lux vide, as creative producer for TV series (Un passo dal cielo, Devils, Doc - Nelle tue mani and others)
“I entered the MISP master programme with two things: a passion for writing, and the dream to make a living out of it. Just a few months after the end of the programme, my dream had become a concrete reality. You need your 3% of talent on your own, but if you want to learn the 97% of technique and persistence that you need to write a great story, then MISP is your place to be.”


AMANDA DEVINE, writer (class of 2017)
With a degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton University, she attended the MISP in 2016-2017. She has written on two seasons of the Disney Channel series Penny on MARS, with MISP alumna and professor Mara Perbellini. 
Currently she works as a Tv writer and development executive at Novo Media, a Los Angeles-based development and production company (A Tale Dark & Grimm, for Netflix).
“The master programme gave me a firm foundation in story structure and character development, which is critical no matter where you end up in the entertainment field”.


CLAUDIA MUNARIN, Story editor (class of 2019)
While completing the master programme, Claudia started an internship in Rome at Cattleya, one of the most important Italian production companies, becoming story editor and working on the shooting set of a Tv series for Rai Uno. Today she works in Milan, at Sky Italia, in the development of Sky Originals Tv Series. "I have always been passionate about cinema and TV series and I decided to take part in the MISP programme because I wanted to find out if this passion could also become a profession. And so it did. After loving the what, I learned to love the how."


Our alumni have been working, among many other achievements:
  • As head writers for Don Matteo (from season 4 onwards), for Distretto di polizia 6, 7, 8 e 9, for all the seasons of Ho sposato uno sbirro, Un passo dal cielo, Che Dio ci aiuti, La strada di casa, Non dirlo al mio capo, Doc- nelle tue mani, Blanca (all top rating series for prime time of RaiUno); for the animation series Angel’s Friends, Virus Attack, Cuccioli cerca amici, Jules Verne; for the teen series Talent High School, Maggie and Bianca fashion friends, Nudes, PoV, Penny on MARS, Marta & Eva.
  • As screenwriters, they have written episodes of successful TV series broadcasted in Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Amazon Prime and Netflix such as (besides the TV series above) Il Commissario Rex, Elisa di Rivombrosa, Incantesimo, Nati ieri, Ris, Le stagioni del cuore, La squadra, Ritorno a Rivombrosa, Le tre rose di Eva, Non dirlo al mio capo, Tutto può succedere, Buongiorno mamma!, Il processo, Made in Italy, Tutta colpa di Freud, Gomorra, Summertime and  miniseries like Giovanni Paolo II, San Pietro, La signora delle camelie, Pompei, Chiara e Francesco, La terza verità, Rino Gaetano, Paolo VI, Il mistero del lago, L’uomo che cavalcava nel buio, Davide Copperfield, Sant’Agostino, Sotto il cielo di Roma, Santa Barbara, Anna Karenina, Sotto copertura, Chiara Lubich, Alfredino, many animation series (Hana’s Helpline, Igam Ogam, YoYo, Grisù, Berry Bees, etc.), some sit-coms for Rai Educational (Tracy e Polpetta, Lab Story), for Disney Channel (Quelli dell’intervallo, Life Bites) and for Mediaset (Camera Café).
  • As story editors or creative producers, they have had credits on international series and miniseries like Medici Masters of Florence (starring Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden), Leonardo (starring Aidan Turner and Marilda De Angelis), Augusto (starring Peter O’Toole and Charlotte Rampling), Coco Chanel (nominated to the Emmy, starring Shirley MacLaine), Devils (starring Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi), Callas e Onassis, Don Bosco, Edda Ciano, Maria Goretti, Papa Giovanni, Rita da Cascia. Soraya, Le ragazze di San Frediano, La freccia nera, Sissi, Enrico Mattei, Pinocchio, Cinderella, War and Peace; and in TV series like I Cesaroni, Tutti pazzi per amore 2, La compagnia del cigno, Alex & co., Petra, I delitti del BarLume,  and many others.

For cinema, they have been working as script consultants for Immaturi, as co-authors of the story for Immaturi 2, as screenwriters for Una famiglia perfetta, Something Good, L’imbroglio nel lenzuolo, Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue, Italiano medio, The Start-Up, Chiamatemi Francesco, Ride, Padrenostro, Il legionario, and others.

Short films written, directed and/or produced by Misp’s alumni have been winning awards all over the world, including Emmy Student Award, Venice Film Festival and David di Donatello.

Other have been working on advertising or as theatre play authors or as production assistants, or assistant directors in films or TV series like Cado dalle nubi, Codice rosso, Don Bosco, Finalmente Natale, L’inchiesta, Nebbie e delitti, Nerone, Una famiglia per caso, Ris, Vento di ponente, Vivere, Provaci ancora prof, L’ispettore Coliandro, Il Paradiso delle signore, Colorado Café, Very Victoria, many live show for different channels and platforms, etc.

Others have been working as authors for comics (Disney Publishing, ReNoir, Manga Vibe), or in tv channels or networks (Italia 1, Rete 4, Canale 5, Sky Cinema, Lei tv, Discovery), or in production or distribution companies, as employees or consultants, or in specialized press (Best Movie, Box office) or publishing companies (Mondadori, Rizzoli, Il Castoro).

In the area of novels, the alumni of MISP have been authors, among others, of international best-sellers like Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue, published in around twenty countries; and some series of novels for young girls like Leila blue and Aria (both series for Mondadori), which have been published in many countries. Only in 2020 and 2021 around twenty novels have been published by our alumni, with some of the top Italian publishing companies like De Agostini, Mondadori, Piemme, Rizzoli, etc.

Graduates from the MISP are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates have both the theoretical knowledge and the methodological tools suited to pursue professional and managerial careers as:
  • Screenwriters or creative producers of television series and feature films;
  • Authors of TV entertainment programs and documentaries, copywriters, creators of video games and web series, writers of comic books and novels and fiction editors in publishing companies;
  • Story editors and script consultants;
  • Supervisors of evaluation, acquisition and programming of TV shows;
  • Professionals working in different areas of the television and film industry (physical production, distribution, acquisition, product placement, etc.)
Classes begin on September 27, 2022 (for students with a foreign qualification) and on October 11, 2022 (for students with an Italian laurea) and end by May 2023.

Attendance is mandatory in order to obtain the diploma.

Classes are scheduled from Tuesday to Friday, 4 days a week on campus (10.00 AM - 5.30 PM). A break of 3 weeks will be scheduled during Christmas time.

The graduation is expected at the end of November, 2023.

If you are looking for a flexible and autonomous solution to learn Italian while studying at Università Cattolica, you can access the self-learning linguistic lab (CAP) of the SeLdA (Servizio Linguistico d’Ateneo) and benefit from a personalized language advisory service. 

In addition, SELDA organizes fee-paying Italian language courses, for more information contact SELDA from the dedicate iCatt function (in the homepage, box “request for information”).