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Five disciplines will be subject of a specific exam at the end of the class (around June 2019). The credits will be acquired according to the following exam:

  • Screenwriting theory (8 ECTS/ CFU)
  • Script analysis and project evaluation (8 ECTS/ CFU)
  • Writing techniques for audiovisual products (12 ECTS/ CFU)
    • Screenwriting practice: treatments, scenes and dialogues, scripts, pitches;
    • The writing of genres and adaptation;
    • Writing for different formats: comic books, novels, documentaries, entertainment TV shows, advertising, the web, mobile media, and transmedia projects.
    • Screenwriting and production of animation projects.
  • The audiovisual industry (4 ECTS/ CFU)
    • Industries and audiences.
    • TV acquisition and programming and film distribution
    • The physical production: pre-production, shooting, post-production, contracts and budgeting.
  • Communication ethics (4 ECTS/ CFU)
  • Workshop and practical exercises (8 ECTS/CFU)
  • Final Project (16 ECTS/CFU)

Final Project

Three months before the end of theoretical classes, students will be required to choose between one of the following careers: screenwriting or production. The students, who choose the screenwriting career, will have to write and deliver a final project from which the writing abilities developed during the program should emerge. Typically, the final project takes the form of a script for a feature film, which can either be an original idea or an adaptation. The final project can be written in English, Italian, French or Spanish. The students who choose the production career will have the opportunity to undertake an internship on a film set or, if accepted by the companies, within an established production or distribution company, a Tv network, an advertising agency, etc.