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Area Professor Topics
DI.PRO.VE.S - Agronomy and Plant biotechnologies Sustainable Crop and Food Protection prof. Adriano Marocco
  • Genetic studies of the resistance to biotic and abiotic stress in plants
  • Agronomic investigations on crops for biomass and energy
  • Physiological and botanical researches on plant development and reproduction
DI.PRO.VE.S. - Fruit Culture and Viticulture prof. Stefano Poni
  • Effects of late winter pruning on grapevine annual cycle and whole-canopy gas exchange
  • Water use efficiency of Cv. Sangiovese grafted on roostocks having different tolerance to drought
  • Grape composition and metabolomics of Nebbiolo grapes as affected by different canopy management techniques
  • Response of cv. Barbera grapevine to variable rate nitrogen fertilization
  • Effects of apical to the cluster late season leaf removal on the ripening of Chardonnay vines
Zootechnics prof. Paolo Ajmone Marsan
  • Livestock genetic diversity from genomic data
  • Investigation of livestock epigenome
  • Nutrigenomic investigations in model animal species
  • Milk metabolome and milk cheesemaking properties
  • Diet and management strategies to improve the innate immune system functions, animal welfare and performances in the transition period of dairy cows
  • Precision livestock: systems to assess dairy cows health, welfare and performance (e.g. rumination, activities, temperature)
  • Immune measurements of rumen fluid to assess the dairy cows health and performance
  • Dietary strategies to mitigate methane emission from dairy cows
  • Indirect indices of methane emissions and rumen microbiome
  • Corn silage for livestock nutrition and for biogas production: is a win-win approach feasible?
Enology and Agro-Food Engineering prof. Dante Marco de Faveri
  • Process study for developing innovative freeze-dried products for confectionery and related industries
  • Colloidal stability of wines: role of adjuvants and process variables
  • Valorization of agri-food by-products for the recovery of high-added value compounds for the food sector
  • Development of natural biocides for coatings and paintings for indoor food-processing buildings
DI.PRO.VE.S. - Agronomy and Plant Biotechnologies Sustainable Crop and Food Protection prof. Vittorio Rossi
  • Physical and biological methods for sanitation treatments against Plasmopara viticola overwintering inoculum
  • Application of molecular methods to assess fungicides resistance in Italian vineyards 
  • Plant-pathogen interactions: the case study of downy mildew resistant varieties of grapevine
  • Competition of mycotoxin producing fungi in different ecological conditions
  • Electronic nose and rapid detection of mycotoxins in wheat and maize
  • Fate of mycotoxins and their producing fungi when contaminated maize is used for anaerobic digestion and biogas production