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Course details

Each course syllabus is available here.
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First year

  • Advanced English for international relations - 9 ECTS
  • Economics - 12 ECTS
  • History of political institutions - 9 ECTS
  • Political science - 9 ECTS
  • Public law and governance - 9 ECTS
  • Quantitative methods for social sciences - 9 ECTS
  • Sociology - 9 ECTS

Second year

  • Global contemporary history - 9 ECTS
  • Global ethics and restorative justice - 6 ECTS
  • History of political thought - 9 ECTS
  • International and European Union law - 9 ECTS
  • International economics - 9 ECTS
  • International relations - 9 ECTS
  • One foreign language among: French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Chinese - 6 ECTS

Third year

  • Economic geography - 6 ECTS
  • Geo-politics and Geo-history - 6 ECTS
  • Global economic policies and institutions - 6 ECTS
  • International History: the wider Mediterranean area - 9 ECTS
  • Politics in media - 6 ECTS
  • Social psychology - 6 ECTS
  • Eligible courses * - 12 ECTS
  • Final examination - 6 ECTS

Eligible courses

  • Democracy, institutions and economic development - 3 ECTS
  • Diversity in organisation and cross-cultural management - 3 ECTS
  • Ethnic and religious minorities in Western Asia and North Africa - 3 ECTS
  • Indian Ocean World - 3 ECTS
  • Information systems - 6 ECTS
  • Logistics and operation management - 6 ECTS
  • Management and organization in the digital economy - 6 ECTS
Holding a degree in International Relations and Global Affairs will allow you to consider a number of different options for your future career: your political, historical and economic skills will be the perfect base for an international career in governmental institutions and NGOs, or in journalism; your grasp of psychology and group dynamics will tailor you for the HR department of large organizations and firms, and your quantitative skills will suit you for consultancies as well as for international marketing research.
Classes for the academic year 2023/24 start on October 2nd, 2023.

A Welcome event is usually organized by the Faculty in the week prior to the beginning of the courses; confirmation and details will be available in early August.

The calendar for the academic year 2023/24 will be available in July 2023. 

For reference: find here the calendar of the Faculty of Political and Social sciences for the academic year 2022/23. 

All teaching activities (lectures, exams, both oral and written, final examinations) for the academic year 2023/24 will take place on campus.
If you are looking for a flexible and autonomous solution to learn Italian while studying at Università Cattolica, you can access the self-learning linguistic lab (CAP) of the SeLdA (Servizio Linguistico d’Ateneo) and benefit from a personalized language advisory service. 

In addition, SELDA organizes fee-paying Italian language courses, for more information contact SELDA from the dedicated iCatt function (in the homepage, box “request for information”).

Students are required to attend theology teachings aimed at offering a reasoned and critical knowledge of the Christian message.