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Course details

1st level - Scientific Training & Management Skills - 40 CFU

The course offers an important opportunity to deepen the theoretical analysis of the economic, political, historical, legal and institutional issues relevant to the global system. Due to the multidisciplinary character of this area, students have the opportunity to study and evaluate specific problems from different yet connected perspectives. 

Focus areas: Economics, Human Security & Sustainable Development, International Relations, Law & Institutions, Management Skills

Main topics covered: 

  • International Trade
  • Humanitarian Affairs
  • Migration flows
  • Environmental Policies
  • Public International Law
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Regional Integration
  • Emerging Actors and the International System
  • International Organizations Dynamics

The Management Skills area now also comprehends a soft skills assessment path. Thanks to the collaboration with BeInValYou, a company specialized in the assessment and development of soft skills such as negotiation, teamwork, conflict management and problem solving. Students will be accompanied in the identification and enhancement of these skills, much required in the job market.

2nd level - Advanced Training on Regional Areas - 15 CFU

The Master's programme includes an advanced training programme on the most relevant challenges that government, international organizations, NGOs and multinational private companies are facing in specific regional areas. Professionals and experts from specific fields are involved in planning, organizing and addressing introductory courses as well as seminars and case studies in the following areas:
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

3rd level - Project Work - 5 CFU

Participants join in the elaboration of a project work where the multidimensional analysis of a problem leads to the identification of its fundamental nodes.

4th level - Internship - 5 CFU

The research activity is completed with an internship, that gives the student the invaluable opportunity to strengthen competencies acquired during the Master.