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Cattolica International

Course details

Programme structure

Fundamental Economic courses (10 ECTS/CFU)

  • Fundamentals of business and management
  • Principles of marketing

Fundamental Psychology courses (10 ECTS/CFU)

  • Fundamentals of social sciences and psychology for marketing
  • Principles of applied social research methodology

Core courses (32 ECTS/CFU)

  • International business
  • Understanding international markets
  • Consumer behavior
  • International marketing research
  • Marketing strategies in an international setting
  • Evaluating companies and markets for action
  • Managing the international marketing mix
  • Management psychology in an intercultural context

Field projects and seminars (6 ECTS/CFU)

Teaching method includes seminars and conferences from guest speakers and practical activities:
  • Fieldworks implemented by small groups and coached by partner firms
  • Project works 

Internship and final report (12 ECTS/CFU)