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Course details

The Master offers a blended format, combining online courses - that can be attended remotely - and in-class courses, followed by the Action Project. 

Students of the Master in Strategic Management for Global Business will receive a comprehensive training related to the whole process of leading global businesses.  The curricular courses can be grouped in four main areas.

Strategy and entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to strategic management (online course)
  • Business strategy
  • Corporate strategy
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business planning

Managing business organization and Project management

  • Leadership organization and international HR management
  • Multicultural management
  • Operations
  • Project management

Finance and economics

  • Introduction to economics (online course)
  • Economics and globalization
  • Basic accounting (online course)
  • Financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Global finance

Marketing and sales

  •  Strategic marketing
  • Digital strategies
  • Sales strategy
  • Communication and promotion (online course)
  • Sales operations (online courses)

Excel Lab

This workshop, based on working through the vast possibilities of automated spreadsheets, will help students discover areas for improvement in own number-crunching skills and offer the chance to fill the gaps in technical skillset.
In addition to the Master's rich curricular programme, students will also have access to other workshops that will contribute to their individual personal development.
  • Public speaking
  • Personal Coaching
    Nowadays, a well-written CV, a well-thought-out job search strategy, and an effective presentationare all musthaves to prepare yourself for a job interview are all must-haves if you are to succeed in the competitive job market. The Master offers group and one-to-one coaching sessions to boost your confidence and give you a solid foundation when presenting yourself in front of companies and business partners.
The Master includes a three months action project, whose aim is to give students the opportunity to experience and put the competences and skills acquired with the master into practice. The project can be an internship, a business plan for a start-up or an existing company, a consultancy project or a research paper. A tailor-made tutoring process will support each student in the definition and execution of their action project. 
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