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Cattolica International

Living in Piacenza

  • Pizza and Beer: € 20
  • Ice-cream: € 3
  • Sandwich: € 5
  • Coffee: € 1.50
  • Movie ticket: € 10

Bus number 2 or 3, direction ‘San Lazzaro/Università’, stop at the main university entrance.


  • Single ride: € 1,50
  • Multi-ride pass: € 8 (6 rides/ individual - it cannot be shared)
  • Multi-ride pass that you can share with other passengers on the same ride: € 15 (12 rides)
  • Student one-month pass: € 32
  • SETA/bus company I.D. card: € 5 (compulsory for the monthly pass)

Single or multi-ride tickets for the public transportation system can be purchased online, through Apps such as Roger, or at authorized kiosks, tobacco shops or at the main bus station (via Colombo, 3 – Piacenza). Monthly and yearly passes are available at the main bus station only.



Download the BITmobility application on your phone and use one of the many electric scooters available around Piacenza.
Scan the QR code of the scooter you want to rent, use it responsibly around town and leave it in one of the dedicated areas or in a safe place on the side of the footpath, without inconveniencing other people. Take a photo and stop the use of your scooter from the application.

Fees: €1 to unlock it + €0.15 per minute during use and €0.05 when pausing.

Check the BITmobility website for further details.



Radiotaxi Piacenza: +39 0523 591919
Radiotaxi Night: +39 333.35.51.032

For more information please visit: http://radiotaxipiacenza.blogspot.it/

The most convenient way to keep in touch with your new Italian friends and family back home is buying an Italian SIM card at cell phone providers such as TIM, 3, Vodafone or Wind. Only triband and quadband phones will work in Europe. Check with your home cell phone service provider to find out if your current cell phone (once unlocked) can support an international SIM card. Once in Italy, you may look into signing up for a plan or simply getting pre-paid/rechargeable service. If you do not have a GSM phone purchased at home, you may also buy one at a reasonable cost once in Italy. Mobile phones shops also provide internet connection plans.
If you wish to open a bank account, rent an apartment or purchase the National Health Insurance cover, you will need a Tax Code, Codice Fiscale. It is a unique number of identification for tax purposes, issued free of charge by Agenzia delle Entrate upon presentation of the following:
  • a valid identity document
  • a copy of your study Visa and Residency permit (or receipt of application for the residency permit) if you are not an E.U. student
  • Acceptance Letter/Student Card 

Downaload here a step-by-step guide to make an APPOINTMENT.

Agenzia delle Entrate
Via Modonesi, 16 - Piacenza
Tel. +39 0523 601 211

@: dp.piacenza.uptpiacenza@agenziaentrate.it

MAIN BUILDING: via Sant’Antonino, 40 (city centre)
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.20 - 19.05
Saturday: 8.20 - 12.35

The closest post office to Cattolica Piacenza  is located in via Emilia Parmense 24:
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 8.15 - 13.30
Saturday: 8.15 - 12.30

For more information please visit: https://www.poste.it/

Temporary jobs for students in Piacenza may include language tutoring in local language schools, jobs in the hospitality industry or working in the tomato processing industry or local wineries. 

For more information, please contact:
Informagiovani Piacenza
Address: – SPAZIO 2, via XXIV Maggio 51, Piacenza
Tel. +39.0523.498751
@: infogiov@comune.piacenza.it