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Accommodation in Rome

On Campus Residences

This first housing option is rooted in the history of Università Cattolica. What it offers today, either on or off Campus, are places where a wholesome development of the person and of a community rich in opportunities and cultural exchanges are possible.

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Residences in the city

This second housing option includes off-campus facilities that are well-linked to the class venues. This solution lets the students take out the best of their university experience in a more independent way, while having the high quality and safety standards of the other Educatt housing options granted.

Discover the Residences in the dedicated area


Housing online platforms

In addition to the traditional housing options, EDUCatt is committed to finding alternative means to facilitate the search for an accommodation. With this mindset, EduCatt has gone into partnerships with four different housing search platforms suitable to satisfy the users’ housing demand.

Dotstay, Roomtastic and Gromia are online housing search platforms that let the user rapidly find rental solutions for all needs. The student will have a wide range of options that are weighted on their needs and granted for being in line with the university community demand. Dotstay and Gromia are also offering a 10% discount on their services.