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Service Learning / Volunteering Abroad


This unique Service Learning / Volunteering Abroad program is designed to inspire you to serve a community abroad and develop soft skills that you will use in the future.  

Area: Education and Language training

The placement will be carried out in schools where the languages taught may be English, German, Spanish, French. On a general basis, you will be asked to attend the school two or three times weekly for a total of 4-6 hours per week, however the schedule may vary according to each school’s needs. 
Some volunteers begin their placement by assisting in a classroom, and then gradually take over responsibility for teaching a lesson or a whole class. 

International teaching projects give volunteers a new outlook on the world, while broadening the horizons of students and providing local teachers with desirable assistance.

Who should apply

Volunteers with an interest in teaching, education, psychology, social work, human development, humanities and with an Italian studies background, or simply volunteers with a desire to make a difference in international communities. The ideal volunteers are enthusiastic about being immersed in the hands-on work of education. Successful teaching volunteers are patient, creative, and ready to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and educational settings.

Placement available

Fall Semester: September - December
Spring Semester: February - May