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Flavours of innovation: Leonardo Lattanzi's culinary journey from local roots to global impact

by Maria Elisa Bizzotto


At the heart of Leonardo’s story lies a spirited pursuit of excellence, paired with a passion for food development and the role of sustainability in the industry. As an alumnus of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’s Cremona campus, Leonardo’s academic journey was not simply a progression of degrees, but a transformative adventure marked by uncertainty, courage and an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

When beginning his Master of Science in Food Processing: Innovation and Tradition at Università Cattolica, Leonardo became immersed in an environment where gastronomy met innovation, and tradition intertwined with sustainability. It was here, amidst the dynamic academic environment of Università Cattolica, that Leonardo’s journey as a Worldbounder began to take shape. Leonardo found himself at a crossroads, uncertain and apprehensive, contemplating venturing beyond the familiar confines of his comfort zone. Driven by his insatiable curiosity and unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, Leonardo made a pivotal decision to pursue his Double Degree at ISARA Lyon in France – an engineering school specialised in agriculture, agribusiness and environment. Leonardo specialising in the Sustainable Development of Food Systems.

While initially uncertain about the obstacles that lay ahead, Leonardo recognised the immense potential for personal and academic enrichment that completing a Double Degree programme could offer. Embracing this opportunity with courage, determination, and a desire to learn the ways to revolutionise the approach to food production, he set out on this metamorphic journey. Eager to harness the strength and knowledge it would afford him for his future, this pivotal decision was a testament to Leonardo’s steadfast desire to push the boundaries of his potential.

As he embarked on this dual academic endeavour, Leonardo was propelled into a world of hardships and triumphs, where uncertainty and the unfamiliar became his companions on the road to self-discovery. Upon his arrival in Lyon, Leonardo faced formidable cultural barriers, from navigating language differences to adjusting to the intricacies of the French food culture. As an Italian with a passion for food, he found himself in uncharted gastronomic territory.

These obstacles tested his adaptability and resilience, yet he was able to find great solace and support among the vibrant community of international students, who like him have ventured far from familiar shores in pursuit of knowledge and growth. Together they navigated the complexities of their new environment drawing strength from their shared experiences and mutual connections. With the support of a newfound community, Leonardo embraced the challenges of the international experience as opportunities for personal growth to share among his community. As an admirable Worldbounder who aims to foster connections among diverse global communities, Leonardo forged meaningful relationships not only with his peers from around the world but also with local French students. It was by immersing himself in this dynamic social environment that he enriched his integration into French culture while simultaneously broadening his international perspective.

As Leonardo looked back on this intercultural exchange, he couldn’t help but pleasantly remember when, through the friendship fostered with some French students, he joined a trip to the mountains of France with everyone. “It was so much fun” he said, “everyone brought some food from their countries and after hiking we all shared the food and ate together.” A smile illuminated Leonardo’s face as he recalled this fond memory.

Emerging from his life-changing experience abroad, Leonardo carried with him a new sense of confidence and a broader perspective on sustainable food systems and global issues. Armed with these invaluable lessons, he proceeded onto the next chapter of his journey in the Netherlands, ready to face the challenge of starting a career in a new country with resilience and determination. His time developing as a Worldbounder has not only enriched his academic and personal growth but also instilled in him a sense of self-assurance that would prove indispensable in navigating this unfamiliar new job and environment.

When asked about the most relevant soft skills Leonardo developed throughout his experiences between Cremona, France and today in the Netherlands he replied, “What stands out the most is the easygoing attitude I have developed.” With greater detail, he described how this attitude and modality was present everywhere “from simple friendships with new people to project presentations.” This quality he developed proved to “invite a less concerned approach to the professional world and it improved my ability to interact with people,” especially in an international setting. He followed by acknowledging the problem-solving abilities he gained throughout his experiences that served a vital role when navigating any personal, professional or bureaucratic difficulties he faced.

As he continues to journey forward as a Worldbounder in the Netherlands, Leonardo embodies this confidence and global perspective and is armed with invaluable lessons learned from past experiences abroad. As we look back on Leonardo's story, we are reminded of the transformative power of stepping outside one's comfort zone and embracing international experiences. From his humble beginnings in Abruzzo to his bold decision to pursue academic excellence in Cremona and Lyon, Leonardo's story serves as a testament to the enduring pursuit of knowledge, growth, and the boundless potential of becoming a Worldbounder.

His passion for food development and sustainability has been a guiding force, influencing his academic pursuits and professional endeavours. Through his unwavering commitment to personal growth, he has not only enriched his academic experience but has also emerged as a confident, well-rounded individual with a global perspective. Leonardo's success abroad underscores the importance of internationalisation in shaping a diverse professional. As he navigates his career, Leonardo inspires readers to consider the advantages of becoming 'Worldbounders' and emphasises the value of embracing cultural exchange. His journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all of the endless possibilities that await those who dare to step beyond familiar horizons and embrace the richness of the global community.