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14 May 2024

Experience Aldo's bold journey as he diverges from family tradition to study Tax Law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Through his persistence and commitment, Aldo reminds us of the transformative power of perseverance in the face of challenges.

14 May 2024

Francesca's journey, from an immersive volunteer experience in a Tanzanian orphanage to a programme coordinator role guiding students on similar paths, epitomises the importance of humility, flexibility, and personal growth in international experiences

6 September 2023

"I fell in love with not only Italy, but the people I met, the university that hosted me, the surrounding cities & countries, the incredibly unique cultures, and to be quite honest, I fell in love with life."

27 July 2023

Branding with Gen z: Getting to know student and entrepreneur Joseph as he leads us down his remarkable path of business venture and technology while showing that success and impact for this generation are just a click away.

16 May 2023

Creating with Bianca. Meeting young entrepreneur Bianca Zolezzi in her imaginative journey of transforming an idea into a business – inspired by a family gift and all the positive things that letting one’s creativity fly away could bring.

12 April 2023

Culture shock is usually always portrayed in a negative light; however, it can have a positive impact on study abroad students. It equips them with the understanding of the progressive stages, and the knowledge of how to overcome mental challenges.

16 December 2022

I think I underestimate myself in a lot of situations, but I think being here has helped me to push myself to that point where I recognise, "hey, I can do this. I'm fully capable."

29 August 2022

Since childhood, Isadora Mapelli had a dream of travelling and living abroad: in January 2022, she embarked on her dream trip and crossed the ocean to experience some movie-worthy moments and gain memories that will last a lifetime.

21 July 2022

Laura is one of two student writers that has been hired as storytellers: writing exciting stories about various topics ranging from studying abroad programmes to inspiring people, all somehow tying back to the university world.

21 July 2022

Lisa, an ambitious 24-year-old Psychology student at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and a creative storyteller for Cattolica International, tells us about how the life-changing journey shaped her experience and brought her to Università Cattolica.

12 July 2022

In the moment of teaching, Davide is the happiest. Being able to light that spark within his students, see them go out in the world, find their way and make a mark. With his passion and devotion, he continues to make a purposeful impact.

1 June 2022

An international journey that many have experienced thanks to Universita Cattolica. Memories that will never fade, life-long experiences that will be forever cherished. What aspects of international mobility have remained the same through the years? '

30 May 2022

When a brilliant young doctor graduated from the Medicine and Surgery Faculty at Università Cattolica, he was unaware of the trials, tribulations and unmatched growth that awaited him as a recent graduate amidst the outbreak of a novel virus.

30 May 2022

With a passion for reawakening history, his art is one of a kind - and so is his story. Challenging us all to think: where would I be, if fear of failure could not stop me?

27 May 2022

Whether forming a team, heading for a touchdown, or running towards a position in NFL, Nausicaa Dell’Orto is intimidated neither by her fears nor dreams. The game must go on.

16 March 2022

We sat down with a recent graduate of Università Cattolica, Barbara Rusconi, Financial Support Officer at CERN, to see how she seeks out education and navigates working online in a world where the office has become an extension of our apartments.

12 January 2022

A young student challenges herself to learn one of the most unique languages in the world and embarks on an unusual journey discovering a passion for a new culture and way of life in Beijing as a Double Degree student at Università Cattolica.

25 October 2021

Two friends on a challenging trip: cycling during the day on dirt roads, gravel, asphalt, some days up to 50 kilometres; but in the evening, it is time to sit in your lecture of the online summer session of University of California, Berkeley, USA.

17 March 2021

Take a sneak peek in the life of four students at the time of virtual learning and remote working. From Milan to China, from Coventry to California, follow us while we learn about their challenges and achievements.

16 March 2020

Determination. Passion. Action. Creativity. Empathy. How Sergio Pitrone turned a goal written on a random Post-it Note in two start-up businesses that challenge the status quo.

10 February 2020

From stories with battles and triumphs, Dr. Angela Mastronuzzi is fighting villains daily. Her compassion and empathy are unwavering for the heroes that become part of her family.

10 February 2020

Brandon was diagnosed with vision loss as a toddler, while many believe it’s a challenge for his learning and development, Brandon does not. Five years ago he undertook an experience which was the turning point, a life-changing experience

10 February 2020

Every year Università Cattolica students set off on a journey into the unknown as part of the International Volunteering and Charity Work Program. Their experiences are priceless as they learn the meaning of impact.

24 September 2019

Università Cattolica Alumni, Beatrice Belli is fortunate to sit behind the scenes of some of the most loved TV series by Generation Z, including Homeland, Game of Thrones, and Bones. She also revealed the non glamorous side to working in production.

24 September 2019

At just 20-year-old, Michele Bianchi is an ex mountain bike racer, currently an Economics and Management student at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, as well as the Student Marketing Manager for Red Bull and a Technical Assistant for Scott Sports.

24 September 2019

Francesco has undertaken several study and internship opportunities abroad. He believes the people you meet are what make the journey and you should never fear to get out there, even when traveling alone.

If you're not familiar with Eataly, you should do some research. For more than a decade, Eataly locations have been sprouting up all over the world and providing some of the finest quality Italian foods you can find.

What do you do for work in the USA? I work at Fandango as a Marketing Manager for FandangoNOW.

Alysha Hemani is from Little Rock, Arkansas and attends Hendrix College. She does what she calls the "Jazz of Indian Dancing," Bollywood dancing that she's been doing since she was only seven years old.

Stephen Mininni lives in Lexington North Carolina (a small town of about 30,000 people) and studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Emilia Lahti is pure endorphin. Everything brings her to laugh and she is very spontaneous, but when it comes to coaching kids to play soccer, she goes straight to the point. 

During the first Orientation Event back in February at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, student association, ESN organized a university tour. As they introduced themselves to us, a very tall student said: "and I'm Ivan."