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Course details

First year

  • English communicative strategies - 12 ECTS
  • English drama on stage and on screen - 8 ECTS
  • From novel to film: Britain (with a seminar of comparative literature: stories across borders) - 12 ECTS
  • History and industry of international cinema - 8 ECTS
  • The art and industry of publishing - 4 ECTS
  • Writing and producing for animation (with a seminar of literature, cinema and TV series for kids and young audiences) - 8 ECTS
  • Writing for cinema and television - 8 ECTS

Second year

  • English specialized texts - 8 ECTS
  • Transmedia storytelling - 4 ECTS
  • From novel to film: USA - 8 ECTS
  • Contemporary Italian cinema - 4 ECTS
  • Two different options are possible:
    • Foreign language (plus 8 ECTS during the first year: in this case the student will only take 4 ECTS in English drama on stage and on screen and only 4 ECTS in From novel to film) - 8 ECTS
    • Elective courses available from the School of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures (in Italian or English) - 8 ECTS
  • Elective course or Internship - 4 ECTS
  • Final written dissertation - 24 ECTS
At the end of the course students may apply for jobs related to the development, evaluation and distribution of narrative contents, both in the more classic areas of fiction and publishing, as well as in TV, cinema, internet, not excluding other areas (like social media) that make use of storytelling tools.
The academic calendar of the Faculty of Linguistic sciences and Foreign literature for the academic year 2021/22 will be published in Summer 2021: keep an eye open at this webpage.

In the meantime, you can refer to the academic calendar of the Faculty for the academic year 2020/21.

Students are required to attend theology teachings aimed at offering a reasoned and critical knowledge of the Christian message.
If you are looking for a flexible and autonomous solution to learn Italian while studying at Università Cattolica, you can access the self-learning linguistic lab (CAP) of the SeLdA (Servizio Linguistico d’Ateneo) and benefit from a personalized language advisory service. 

In addition, SELDA organizes fee-paying Italian language courses aimed at preparing for the PLIDA test. 

You can contact SELDA for more information after your arrival in Milan.