Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Cattolica International

Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance

Campus: Brescia

School: Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences | Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences

Intake: September 2024

Edition: 5

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 2 years

Degree awarded: Laurea magistrale in Applied data science for banking and finance

Total ECTS: 120

The Master’s degree of Applied Data Science for Banking and Finance develops the student’s professional capabilities to leverage the challenges emerging from innovation by using inter-disciplinary competencies.

For this reason, the study plan is based on three inter-dependent knowledge based pillars: a technical-scientific area, in order to acquire computer science oriented skills and the instruments for statistical analysis of data; a corporate-management area to develop analytical abilities within a company environment; a financial-economics area to create competences for specific analysis in sectors addressed by this degree course.