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Cattolica International

Course details

Students can create their own Study Plan by selecting courses from either of the two curricula:

Cattolica International Curriculum

The duration of Cattolica International Curriculum courses is one semester. Please note that some courses are only available in either Fall or Spring.

Applicants will be advised on the definitive list of courses and their schedules two months before the semester starts.

Each course bears 6 ECTS within the European Exchange framework, which is the equivalent of 3 U.S. Credits. The International Curriculum courses are elective courses within the Facoltà di Scienze Linguistiche e Letterature Straniere.

The conversion from US or ECTS credits to your home institution's credit system is defined by your home institution. Please refer to your Study Abroad Advisor for detailed information.

The Cattolica International Curriculum has been created specifically for international students only and courses are formulated to have an international teaching approach.
The curriculum is managed by the Cattolica International department, and this means that it operates in a different way to the wider Cattolica Academic Curriculum.

Please view the Academic Policies for the Cattolica International Curriculum.  

Cattolica Academic Curriculum

Cattolica Academic Curriculum courses may follow different calendars depending on the degree and type of programme.

Courses can be:

  • Annual courses: 
    End of September - End of July

  • Semester courses:
    Fall Semester: End of September - End of February (exams included)
    Spring Semester: End of February - End of July (exams included)

  • Trimester courses - only for the Faculty of Economics and Management, Undergraduate (Laurea Triennale) and Graduate (Laurea Magistrale) level

    • 1st Trimester: Third week of September - Mid December (exams included)

    • 2nd Trimester: Beginning of January - Mid April (exams included)

    • 3rd Trimester: Mid April - End of July (exams included)

The courses bear a varied number of ECTS credits.