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Application procedures

Results of the Test NON-EU Ranking - Academic year 2022/23


Results of the Test EU Ranking - Academic year 2022/23


The Application Guidelines document is a translation and abridged version of the official legal version of the Competition Call issued in Italian for Academic year 2022-2023.

Application procedures

Admission to the programme is subject to the passing of an Entrance Exam.

In order to be admitted to the Exam, applicants must comply with the following procedure:

Note that we have two applicant pools. You will need to understand how to apply based on your citizenship and residency status:
  • EU pool: Italian and EU citizens living anywhere and non-EU citizens who are already living in Italy legally (with a “permesso di soggiorno”/ residence permit);
  • NON-EU pool: non-EU citizens living abroad


Which pool of candidates do you belong to?

The deadline in March 18, 2022.

Apply and pay the € 160 application fee.

Your application is pending until the fee has been paid.

After submission, the Università Cattolica International Admissions Office will share with applicants the link to an online simulator to prepare for the Entrance Exam and evaluate each candidate’s scholastic history. 

Eligible candidates will be invited to take the entrance exam.

Take the Entrance Exam according to the information shared by Università Cattolica Admissions Office.
  • April 6-7, 2022: EU citizens and ALL candidates legally residing in Italy
  • April 6, 2022: NON-EU citizens living abroad
Candidates will receive an admission feedback starting from April 12, 2022.

The results of the competition will be published publicly and each candidate will receive their individual score privately. 

In both final rankings, in case of a tie the youngest candidate will prevail.

Admitted candidates will be asked to pay the first University fee instalment to secure their place in the programme within 2 weeks from the admission results publication. The aforementioned sum will be deducted from the A.Y. 2022/23 tuition fees.

Should the admitted candidates not pay the deposit by the deadline, thier offer will be considered declined and vacant places will be made available to other candidates in the respective EU or Non-EU ranking.