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Course details

The first year of the programme focuses on the foundations of economics and quantitative analysis.

The second year is devoted to field courses that will expose students to recent developments at the frontier of economic research in a variety of topics. In the last part of the second year students will work on their final dissertation.

Courses may be taught by individual members of faculty, such as lecturers, senior lecturers, readers, associate professors and professors. Faculty members are internationally recognized economists.

Each course’s contact hours are approximately 60 hours. This includes sessions such as lectures, classes, seminars or workshops. Some courses give students the opportunity to improve their skills through both tutorials and Computer/laboratory sessions.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of a written and/or oral exam. Depending on the course, classroom presentations, problem sets, and take-home assignments will contribute to the final grade.

Learning objectives, course content, teaching and assessment method vary: please see individual courses programs for further details.

RA and internship programmes are held in the second year of the programmes, typically in 3rd term (exact dates may vary). The two programmes are alternative to each other, but share common features:
  • minimum duration of 10 weeks between April and July
  • 8 CFU/ECTS
  • Eligibility: at least 26/30 GPA – 40 CFU
  • Aim: exploit and put into practice the set of competencies acquired during the course of studies

RA programme

Research assistantship programme is targeted to students interested in academic research. Students attending the programme will be given the opportunity to work with a member of the Department of Economics and Finance on an ongoing research project. Topics of the project range across different fields in economics and may be empirical as well as theoretical.

Internship programme

The internship programme is targeted to students interested in pursuing a particular professional career in national and international firms, private and public national and international institutions, research institutions, banks and financial institutions. Partner institution include, among others, IRS (Istituto per la ricerca Sociale – Institute for Social Research), Nomisma, REF Ricerche , Intesa San Paolo research unit, Ipsos, Assolombarda, Ispra Joint Research Center (European Commission).