Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Cattolica International

Arts Management


Campus: Milan

School: Arts and Philosophy - Economics

Intake: January 2025

Edition: 8

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 1 year Full-time (January 2025 - December 2025)

Total ECTS: 70

The Master in Arts Management offers a unique learning experience preparing students to embark on a management career in the arts and creative industry. The one-year programme aims at developing skills and providing tools to deal with the new challenges of the domains of both the visual and performing arts, driven by an international perspective.

The main goals of the programme are to build and strengthen:

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the history of art (visual and performing), with particular attention to the contemporary world and the international scene;
  • Competence in economics and management as they apply to the cultural industry;
  • Competence in legislative transmit and reinforce the legislative knowledge and their application to the cultural field, from an international perspective.

Students learn to contribute to the advancement of cultural institutions and companies in Italy and abroad, by fostering interests for Art and its proliferation.