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Internship programme


Università Cattolica offers a program designed for the professional growth of the student, providing a unique learning experience!

This opportunity is addressed to Study Abroad and Exchange students who wish to undertake a professional experience in a culturally-diverse environment as part of their academic curriculum.

Our experiential learning program provides each student intern with an integrated academic and professional learning experience, which can be done at different periods during the academic year and in two different modalities:

  • Part-time internship during the semester
  • Full-time internship after a semester of full-time study

In case of different needs, your request may be taken into consideration.

Part-time Full-time
Program features Internship at the company or project work* Internship at the company only after a completion of a study semester at Università Cattolica
When Fall and Spring semester Summer (June-July) Winter (January-February)
Hours 120-150 approx - 20 hours/week 240 approx – 8 hours/day
Credits 6 ECTS 9 ECTS / non-credit bearing

* It may be that the student will not be required to regularly work at the company base.