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Based on the student’s language capabilities, the internship / field project may be available in English or in Italian. Although proficiency in Italian is not required, we do require that  students interested in a placement have some prior knowledge of Italian and therefore recommend enrolling in one of our Italian language courses if the student has had no prior Italian language study.


As integral part of the internship / field project programme, participating students are required to take part in a parallel course/module that provides crucial skills development tools to put into practice during the internship experience: Mentoring Success: the Stage of Work. The course will be delivered in English.


Depending on the option selected:

  • Non-credit bearing
  • 6 ECTS 


The internship programme begins upon the first interview with the Cattolica internship advisor, who will discuss with the applicant interests and expectations, and will collect any other information that might be useful in identifying the best company match for a successful placement. The applicant will then receive individual mentoring to put together an effective résumé and cover letter as well as prepare for interviews with potential matches. 

Programme benefits, in additional to the actual internship placement, include:

  • Pre-placement interview with Cattolica internship advisor
  • Advising for CV/résumé and motivation letter preparation to meet Italian standards (see CV/résumé and motivation letter templates)
  • Interview coaching and mock interview (see interview preparation tips)
  • Ongoing support throughout the placement process and during the internship / field project
  • Study Abroad Impact Lab (not compulsory available during the semester only): Learn how to maximize your study abroad experience and leverage the skills acquired abroad to successfully apply them towards your professional goals. Learn more.