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Academic offer

ZXP322 - Personal Branding: Impact, Influence and Effectiveness in the Workplace

Area: Communication / Human Resources / Cross Cultural Management

Dates: 8 - 26 January 2024 (3 weeks)

How to maximize your potential and boost your employability through an academic and professional training.

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ZXQ628 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Area: Business

Dates: 8 - 19 January 2024 (2 weeks)

How to identify a business opportunity and create an enterprise: toward the discovery of the entrepreneurial process. 

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ZXP320 - Business, Government and the Global Economy

Area: Business

Dates: 22 January - 2 February 2024 (2 weeks) 

How globalization is changing the macroeconomic scenario: some answers to the most important questions related to the international economy.    

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ZXP323 - Green Management and Sustainability

Area: Business

Dates: 8 - 19 January 2024 (2 weeks)

How environmental global issues have influenced the structure, practices and missions of local and international companies.

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