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Course structure

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15 - 19
22 - 26
June 29 - July 3 July
6 - 10
13 - 17
20 - 24
27 - 31
Business (Milan campus) Social and Eco Entrepreneurship Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Business, Government and the Global Economy    
The fashion market: structure, players and success factors            
Marketing and Communication (Milan campus) Mass Communication and Media Industries: the Italian Style in producing and managing TV, Ads and Music New Frontiers in brand communication and consumer engagement Understanding the customer: theories, trends, and values for an effective communication strategy    
    Brand Strategy Experience: a professional approach        
Cultural Studies (Milan campus) Italian Cuisine History and Cooking Lab: a first step to becoming an Italian MasterChef A Mafia Story: its Representation in Literature, Cinema and Televisions        
        Federico Fellini and Contemporary Italian Cinema  


Creative Storytelling: from Literature to Cinema to other Forms of Fiction
International Relations (Milan campus)     International Order and World Politics Italian politics and the international system:
resilience and change
Education & Psychology (Milan campus)     Inclusive Education of differences through art Elements of teaching and Special education    
Health Sciences (Rome campus)    

Global Health and Epidemiology

Health Policy and Management for Universal Coverage    
Agribusiness and Food Sciences (Piacenza campus) Food Production: Tradition and Innovation The Global Wine Market: Trends and Strategies