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Course structure / Calendar

14 -18
21 - 25
28 - July 2
July 5  9 July
12 - 16
19 - 23
26 - 30
Business (Milan campus) Social and Eco Entrepreneurship Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Business, Government and the Global Economy  
The fashion market: structure, players and success factors          
Marketing and Communication (Milan campus) Mass Communication and Media Industries: the Italian Style in producing and managing TV, Ads and Music New Frontiers in brand communication and consumer engagement Understanding the customer: theories, trends, and values for an effective communication strategy  
    Brand Strategy Experience: a professional approach      
    Personal Branding: Impact, Influence and Effectiveness in the Workplace    
Cultural Studies (Milan campus)     A Mafia Story: its Representation in Literature, Cinema and Televisions Federico Fellini and Contemporary Italian Cinema


Creative Storytelling: from Literature to Cinema to other Forms of Fiction
International Relations (Milan campus)     Italian politics and the international system:
resilience and change
Geopolitics and technological changes: the future today  
Health Sciences (Rome campus) Global Health and Epidemiology

Health Policy and Management for Universal Coverage

Agribusiness and Food Sciences (Piacenza campus) Food Production: Tradition and Innovation The Global Wine Market: Trends and Strategies