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Academic Offer

You can choose courses from the following areas of study:


Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
Start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur.

Social and Eco Entrepreneurship
Concepts of social and environmental entrepreneurship and their contribution to setting a new business trend.

The fashion market: structure, players and success factor
How the fashion market is facing new global challenges.  

Business, Government and the Global Economy
Globalization and its impact on the macroeconomic scenario: some answers to the most important questions related to the international economy.   

New Frontiers in brand communication and consumer engagement
The latest trends in the brand communication scenario and their role in building consumer-brand relationships.

Mass Communication and Media Industries: the Italian Style in producing and managing TV, Ads and Music
A cross-cultural approach to practical experiences in the domain of media communication.

Understanding the customer: theories, trends, and values for an effective communication strategy
How to face and apply consumer behavior theories in marketing and corporate communication.

Brand Strategy Experience: a professional approach
From the brief to final presentation: an immersive project with immediate feedback.  

Personal Branding: Impact, Influence and Effectiveness in the Workplace
How to maximize your potential and boost your employability through an academic and professional training. 

A Mafia Story: Its Representation in Literature, Cinema and Television
Explore the narrative about the criminal organization and how it has been represented through time and various media.  

Federico Fellini and Contemporary Italian Cinema
Understand the international importance of the Italian cinema influences through its most famous directors.

Creative Storytelling: from Literature to Cinema to other Forms of Fiction
Learn and improve creative techniques in writing.

Italian politics and the international system: resilience and change
How the international system has influenced, shaped and transformed Italy's political and economic development.


Geopolitics and technological changes: the future today
How to understand and manage risks and opportunities resulting from technological changes in a global context.  


Global Health and Epidemiology
Understand the tools to measure global health burden and major determinants of disease with an overview on ethical issues, such as global bioethics and human rights.

Health Policy and Management for Universal Coverage
Analyse the key factors that affect the organization of a health care delivery in a public welfare system.  

The Global Wine Market: Trends and Strategies
How the policies and economic trends are affecting wine production, consumption and trade.

Food Production: Tradition and Innovation
How the "farm-to-fork" pathway of typical Italian food has become a global trend.