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Cattolica International

Application timeline

Applications will be evaluated by the indicated deadline only if all required documents have been provided upon submission, and if the application fee has been paid.

We encourage candidates to submit their application as soon as they have all the required documents.

Considering the strong competition for entry to Cattolica's undergraduate degrees, the sooner the complete application is received, the higher the chances of admission.

1st assessment round

January 18, 2021

Results available:
by March 5, 2021

2nd assessment round

February 18, 2021


Results available:
by April 7, 2021

3rd assessment round

March 30, 2021


Results available:
by May 17, 2021

4th assessment round

April 20, 2021

Applications received in this round will only be evaluated up until July 15, 2021 on the basis of places becoming available following possible withdrawals.

The waiting list for the programme will remain open until July 30, 2021. If places become available due to cancellations, we will contact candidates on the waiting list via email.