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Transfer applicants

The following procedure applies to candidates holding a non-Italian High School Diploma who wish to transfer credits from a non-Italian University career
  • If you hold an Italian High School Diploma and wish to transfer credits from a non-Italian University career. 
  • If you hold a non-Italian High School Diploma and wish to transfer credits from an Italian University career or from a different Bachelor’s degree at Università Cattolica.

contact international.admissions@unicatt.it before you open an application on Portale Iscrizioni to receive dedicated instruction on the admission procedure. 

General Requirements

Applications for a transfer to the Bachelor in International Relations and Global Affairs are allowed only if the following conditions are met:

  • Previous university studies entirely taught and examined in English.
  • Previous university studies entirely taught and examined at a degree-granting Higher Education Institution regularly accredited in the country where it operates by the relevant local authorities. 
  • Satisfactory overall academic standing with no extensive academic difficulty.
  • Programme’s English language requirement satisfied (see “entry requirements”). 
  • Previous university studies discontinued/interrupted: only the exams indicated as successfully passed on the Transcripts of Academic Records provided at the time of application will be evaluated for credit transfer.  

Application procedure 


As a transfer candidate, you must follow the same Online Application procedure and timeline of candidates who are applying for a degree. Make sure you properly complete the following parts of the Application - section College Information:

  • Do you wish to transfer credits to Università Cattolica? Select the relevant box. Should you not answer this question, a credit transfer request will NOT be processed.
  • College transcript: upload an official Transcript of academic records where the Board can clearly identify:
    • The name of the university that issued it
    • The grades, credits and passing date of each exam
    • The transcript issuing date
    • Your name, last name, and student number
    • An explanation of the grading and credit systems used by the issuing University
  • Certificate of Enrolment: upload a certificate issued by your previous University stating that the degree programme attended is entirely taught in English.
  • Pay the 75€ application fee, which is mandatory for all transfer requests.


Once your application is received with all required documents, the Academic Board of IRGA will check if your High School background:

  • complies with the overall regulations set by the Italian Ministry for Universities for enrollment into Italian Higher Education Institutions.
  • satisfies the entry requirements of the programme in terms of overall GPA, English proficiency, and motivation. 

If you are eligible, you will receive an offer for admission to the 1st year of the Bachelor in IRGA with indication of possible conditions for enrollment and the deadline to pay the deposit. 

Due to the high level of competition for entry, the evaluation of transferrable credits will take place after you have secured a place in the programme and provided the following additional documents: 

The Academic Board will check whether the transfer conditions are satisfied and then evaluate if the content, level, and workload of each course that you have successfully passed is comparable to any of those of the subjects included in the study plan of IRGA. When the feedback is available, you will receive an e-mail with the number of credits that can be transferred from your previous academic studies and the year of admission. 

Admission to years after the 1st of enrollment are allowed if the Academic Board recognizes a minimum number of ECTS: 

  • at least 30 ECTS for admission to the 2nd year. 
  • at least 60 ECTS earned in at least 2 years of regular enrollment for admission to the 3rd     year. 

If you are admitted to the 2nd or 3rd year, you will have to take all the exams listed in the study plan of the programme, including the exams related to years prior to the one of admission which have not been recognized, in compliance with the rules established by the School of Political and Social Sciences and available on the Guida di Facoltà.  

Available places for admission to the 2nd and 3rd year are limited. Applications of eligible candidates will be accepted in a chronological order, based on places available.


Follow the post admission procedures to finalize your enrollment.
After enrollment, Polo Studenti will officially add the transferred credits in your study plan. You will receive a notification on your ICatt page (delibera). 
In September, please contact the Tutor to ask assistance on creating your personalized schedule and Polo Studenti to ask assistance on submitting your Study Plan.