Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Cattolica International

Application timeline

Applications will be evaluated only if all required documents have been provided upon submission and if the application fee has been paid. 

Given the limited number of places on the programme and the high level of competition, some applicants might be placed on a waiting list.
Feedback for completed applications will be available within 4-6 weeks from round deadline. 
Outstanding candidates may receive early feedback.

Note: Some local Italian Consulates/Embassies can be stricter than others regarding the deadline of the pre-enrolment process. We therefore strongly advise non-EU students residing abroad who need a study visa to submit their application as soon as possible and to verify the dates of the pre-enrolment with their local Italian Consulate/Embassy.

Application opening

Mid-December 2022

1st Round

January 12, 2023

2nd Round

February 16, 2023

3rd Round

March 16, 2023

4th Round

May 11, 2023

Final deadline for non-EU students who must apply for a study visa.

5th Round

June 29, 2023