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Foundation Knowledge Assessment test (VPI)

The Foundation Knowledge Assessment test (VPI) is a compulsory test for all students enrolled in the 1st year of any undergraduate or integrated degree graduate programme. The VPI test is required to assess the basic knowledge needed to successfully attend the programme you selected.

In case of a negative result, or the test is not taken, an Additional Training Obligation (OFA) is assigned to address the gaps found in a specific subject area.

The date for the VPI is automatically assigned after enrolment. The date can be checked and modified, only if strictly necessary, through the student’s personal iCatt page. The test is held online remotely, and the technical details are communicated to the student after enrolment.

Only students who successfully passed the Cattolica admission test for the School of Economics are exempted. Hence, candidates who receive an offer for admission based on SAT/ACT results or high school grades will have to take the VPI test after enrolment.  

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