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Application procedures

Remember to check the application timeline of your chosen programme.

STEP 1. Click on the button “APPLY NOW / ACCESS THE ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL” to start a new application

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your account creation from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore <registration.dashboard@unicattolica.it>. 

Simply follow the instructions in the email. 

If you have not received an email, please check your spam box. 
If you still have not received it, please contact us at international.inquiry@unicatt.it.

Create your password, start your application and answer the questions.

Completion of the application form will take about 30 minutes on average, if all the required documents are ready to be uploaded.

You do not have to complete the application in one session; you can save the progress of a partially completed application form by clicking on “Save and continue” (at the bottom of each stage of the application). 
You can log back into your application anytime and carry on from where you left off to finish it.

Make sure you don’t miss the final deadline, remember to check the application rounds in the dedicated section on the website. 

If you wish to be considered for a second-choice programme (an option available only in case you are not eligible on your first choice), make sure to complete the dedicated section in the application form before submitting it.
Evaluation and feedback of your second choice will follow the programme’s timeline (which may be different to your first choice).

  • Copy of passport/ID document (single page with your data and photo).If you have an EU and a non-EU passport, upload both
  • Only if applicable: Italian fiscal code
  • Only if applicable: Italian residency permit
  • If you have already graduated from high school: 
    • Copy of your official high school diploma*
    • Second-to-last year and last year/current year high school transcripts*  
      The International Admissions office will get in touch if the third-to-last year transcript is required as well
  • If you are currently enrolled in the last year of high school: 
    • Copy of your high school transcript – must include your second-to-last year* 
    • Copy of your most up-to-date transcripts for the current year, if available at the time you submit your application*
      The International Admissions office will get in touch if the third-to-last year transcript is required as well 
  • For IB diploma: provide the predicted grades, if available
  • For British qualifications (A-levels): provide the predicted grades, if available. 
    Fill in the A-levels declarations form and upload it in the “Additional documents” section
  • For American high school diploma: fill in the AP exams declaration form and upload it in the "Additional documents" section
    If you have already passed one or more AP exams, you must upload your AP Official Score Report (in pdf format) downloadable from your personal page on the College Board website
  • If applicable by entry requirements, SAT or ACT downloadable from your personal page on the College Board/ACT website
  • Updated version of your Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter: you may refer to this template as a guideline.
    Include any other comments that might help you succeed in the selection process.
    Please type into the downloadable word document and once completed, save it in pdf format
  • English language certificate: check the linguistic entry requirements of the programme of your choice
    In case of doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at international.inquiry@unicatt.it.

For evaluation purposes, our office reserves the right to additionally request the Statement of Comparability, issued by CIMEA.

All documents must be uploaded in a legible format, preferably in pdf format and with a maximum size of 5MB.
For ease of assessment, we request that you rename each attached file in English (for example: High school diploma, CV, Transcript). Scan your transcripts of each year in a single document and in chronological order.

* Always upload the original documents issued directly by the university. 
If they are not officially issued in Italian, English, French or Spanish, please provide their official translation into English or Italian as well.

  • Click on “Save and review application”
  • Once you have reviewed the application, select “Save & Pay”
  • Choose “Pay Online” as payment method and click on “Buy now” to be directed to the PayPal website, where you can pay the application fee by using a PayPal account or a credit card.

Check here if PayPal operates in your country. Should it not be available, please contact us at international.inquiry@unicatt.it to receive instructions to pay by credit card on an alternative payment circuit. 
If you decide to pay the application fee in another moment, you can log back into your application and finalise the payment.

The registration of the payment via PayPal takes a few minutes.
After completing the payment of the application fee on the PayPal website, click on “Return to merchant website” to finalise the submission of your application.

Once the payment is registered, remember to access back into the Online Application Portal and click on “SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION”.

To finalise your application, leave your electronic signature and click on “Verify and submit”.

Once the procedure is complete, the following message will appear: 
Thank you for submitting your application!

Your application on the Online Application Portal will now result 100% complete. 
Please note that incomplete or inaccurate applications may cause a delay in the assessment.

Your application will not be reviewed until the payment is received and your application successfully submitted.

Did you submit the application for a wrong programme? 
Just click on “Withdraw your application” and refresh the page to start a new one.
If you have already paid the application fee and wish to be evaluated for a different programme, please contact us at international.inquiry@unicatt.it.

The International Admissions Office will now process your application. 

You will be notified by email whenever there is an update regarding your application, so please regularly check your email inbox (including the spam folder).
We will evaluate your application and provide you with feedback within the deadlines published on each programme’s webpage (Admission and Tuition > Application timeline).

Pursuant to the provisions of Law no. 17 of 28 January 1999 and Law no. 170 of 8 October 2010, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has created the Disability and Specific Learning Disorders Support Service for the integration of students with disabilities and SLD. The Support Service, through the technical-administrative support of the Secretariat and the advice of specialized pedagogical staff, aims to accompany students in their university experience, supporting their path from the first orientation phases until graduation. Candidates with disabilities and with SLD are required to contact the Disability and Specific Learning Disorders Support Service of the reference campus when they begin their registration procedures.

For further information, contact us: