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Maths assessment and improvement tools

Please find a list of the basic concepts that prospective students need to have learned to be able to attend the classes of Mathematics with proficiency:
  • Basic set theory
  • Numerical sets (natural, rational and real numbers, inequalities, powers with integer and rational exponent)
  • Exponentials and logarithms (basic notions, equations and inequalities)
  • Elementary algebra (operations with monomials, polynomials and special products, first-degree and second-degree equations and inequalities, rational equations and inequalities, systems of equations and inequalities)
  • Coordinate geometry (Cartesian coordinates; distance formula; the midpoint of a line segment; equations and basic properties of straight line, parabola and circle; parallel and perpendicular lines, condition to ensure that a given point belongs to a curve)

Admission test - Demo

You can assess your performance in the four subject areas of the entry test by taking the following simulation:

Comprehension - Keys
English - Keys
Logic - Keys
Mathematics - Keys


Online Math pre-course

To help you prepare for the test please find: a demo of the written test and a Syllabus of basic concepts that will be part of the maths test.
The online “Teorema” maths pre-course is available to help you prepare for the test and can be accessed via any browser. We recommend you focus mainly on the "Theorema" modules which will be tested.

To use “Teorema” all you need is a valid email address to register at https://elearning.teorema.cineca.it/login/index.php. Just enter the following code in capital letters: 123Teorema.

Having successfully completed the two-step registration procedure (the registration request and its confirmation) you will receive a confirmation message containing the instructions for access to the “Teorema” pre-course.